ACT Global: Company Profile

ACT Global: Company Profile

act global company profile

Act Global, a global leader in artificial grass manufacturing, based in Austin, Texas. With manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia, Act Global serves a worldwide market. Their products, known for enhancing player safety and performance, are made with top-quality materials, modern machinery, and strict quality control. By integrating science and rigorous testing, Act Global ensures their turf systems are safer, more effective, and longer-lasting, addressing the challenges of urbanization and environmental sustainability.

The company is committed to improving land use and societal impact through their products. With a philosophy of “Be More,” they focus on innovation, integrity, and quality, aiming to enhance society and optimize land use with their synthetic turf. Act Global supports various charities and non-profits, contributing to a better world. Technically, they collaborate with international bodies to set high standards in safety and performance for their artificial grass.

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What Sets ACT Global Apart from the Competition?

Act Global differentiates itself in the artificial grass industry through a multifaceted approach that encompasses social responsibility, technical excellence, player safety, environmental sustainability, global manufacturing reach, and industry affiliations.

  • Social Responsibility: Committed to giving back to communities and making the world a better place.
  • Technical Excellence: Utilizes a science and data-driven approach to engineer superior artificial grass products.
  • Player Safety: Focuses on reducing concussions, burns, and injuries through rigorously tested systems.
  • Sustainability: Invests in recyclable and organic components, emphasizing environmental preservation.
  • Global Manufacturing: Operates facilities across three continents, ensuring efficient service for a global customer base.
  • Industry Affiliations: Collaborates with world-leading organizations and governing bodies to advance the artificial grass industry.

XtremeTurf for Sports Facilities

Act Global’s XtremeTurf brand is specifically designed to cater to athletic fields across all competition levels, from recreational and training purposes to high school and collegiate games. As a market-leading brand, XtremeTurf distinguishes itself with its widespread adoption, boasting over 2,000 installations worldwide. Additionally, XtremeTurf has earned certifications from prestigious organizations such as FIFA, World Rugby, FIH, NFL, NCAA, and the USL, further underscoring its compliance with the highest standards and its versatility for different sports. 

3G Infilled Systems
  • Includes monofilament, fibrillated, and texturized fibers.
  • Blended systems for a tailored surface specific to sport and athletic needs.
Sand and Non-infilled Systems
  • Free of microplastics, ensuring eco-friendliness.
  • Offers top-tier performance, ideal for field hockey and indoor use.
Woven and Hybrid Systems:
  • Fibers are tightly interlocked for stability.
  • Avoids non-recyclable backings like latex or polyurethane, enhancing recyclability.
Infill options: 

The company not only offers traditional infill choices but also pioneers new, environmentally-conscious alternatives, including an innovative ocean plastic infill, reflecting their commitment to sustainability. 

Shock pad options:

In terms of shock absorption, Act Global enhances turf systems with shock pad layers. These layers provide added stability and prolong the optimal performance of both player and surface, particularly vital in scenarios where surface maintenance is suboptimal. By partnering with top shock pad suppliers, Act Global can tailor turf systems to conform to the most demanding safety and performance criteria.

Nationwide Coverage in the United States

As a leading supplier of artificial turf fields, ACT Global boasts extensive coverage across the United States. The company collaborates with a wide network of local installation companies. These companies are specifically trained to install ACT Global’s turf systems, ensuring high-quality and efficient implementation of their products nationwide. This widespread network and specialized training guarantee that the company can provide top-tier artificial turf solutions regardless of location within the U.S.

Successful Projects by ACT Global

ACT Global has achieved a significant milestone by installing over 2,000 artificial turf fields across more than 90 countries, showcasing its global reach and expertise in the industry. In the United States, their presence is notably visible in a variety of settings. You can find ACT Global’s high-quality turf fields in high schools, colleges, universities, as well as in municipal recreational centers and commercial sports facilities. 

This diverse range of installations highlights the company’s ability to cater to different needs and settings, from educational institutions to public and private sports venues. The following are some examples of where their fields are installed.

Certifications and Memberships

ACT Global is distinguished by several notable certifications and memberships in prestigious organizations, underlining its commitment to quality and industry standards. 

The company holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating its adherence to quality management principles. Additionally, it has achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification, which reflects its commitment to effective environmental management systems.

In the realm of sports, ACT Global is recognized with FIFA Quality Pro and Quality certifications, indicating that its products meet the highest standards set by the governing body of football. The company is also a preferred supplier to World Rugby and the International Hockey Association, further showcasing its expertise and reliability in providing top-tier turf for various sports.

Moreover, ACT Global is an active member of several industry associations, including the Sports Turf Managers Association, the American Sports Builders Association, and the Synthetic Turf Council. These memberships signify its ongoing engagement with the latest developments, best practices, and professional standards in the sports turf industry.

Other notable affiliations include: 

  • Nolan Ryan Foundation: A charitable organization founded by baseball legend Nolan Ryan, focusing on youth, education, and community development.
  • The United Nations Global Compact: A United Nations initiative that encourages businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies.
  • Homeless World Cup: An annual international soccer tournament aiming to inspire homeless people to change their lives through the power of sport.
  • World Vision: A global Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.
  • Care: An international humanitarian agency delivering emergency relief and long-term international development projects.
  • An NGO dedicated to providing safe water and sanitation solutions in developing countries.
  • American Coal Ash Association: An industry association advocating for the responsible use and management of coal combustion products.
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How to Raise Funding for Your Project?

Navigating the financial aspects of artificial turf field projects can be challenging due to the significant capital required. Here are some strategies to help you secure the needed funding:

  • Grant Programs: Look for grants offered by government entities, sports organizations, or environmental groups. These are often available for projects that contribute to community well-being, environmental sustainability, or promote sports and recreational activities. You’ll find more information on this in our article about grant programs for artificial turf field projects and in the sports facility grants and funding section on our website.
  • Bank Loan: A traditional bank loan is a viable option. This approach requires a solid credit history and sometimes collateral. Keep in mind that loans come with interest, so it’s important to factor this into your budget planning.
  • Crowdfunding: Start a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like Kickstarter or GoFundMe. This method can engage the community, gathering support and funds from those who will benefit from the turf field.
  • Private Investors/Sponsors: Seek out private investors or sponsors, particularly those with interests in sports, community development, or environmental efforts. They may be looking for advertising opportunities or a stake in future profits in exchange for their support.

Before beginning the process of applying for grants, it’s advisable to use our artificial turf field cost calculator. This tool will provide you with a customized cost estimate, giving you a clear understanding of the total funds you need to secure for your project.

Get in Touch with ACT Global

To learn more about your project and how ACT Global can help, feel free to contact them using the following details:

  • Business address: 4201 West Parmer Lane, Suite B 175, Austin, Texas 78727
  • Tel. +1 512-733-5300
  • Email:

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ACT Global is a standout choice for your turf field project due to its comprehensive offerings and nationwide presence in the U.S. This industry leader expertly blends innovation, safety, and sustainability in manufacturing top-quality artificial grass. With extensive experience, evidenced by over 2,000 installations in more than 90 countries, ACT Global caters to a diverse range of clients, from schools to professional sports facilities. 

Their commitment to both environmental responsibility and social impact, alongside their certifications and industry affiliations, positions them at the forefront of the artificial turf industry. Furthermore, ACT Global supports clients in navigating the financial aspects of turf projects, providing valuable insights into funding options. This blend of global expertise, product excellence, and a strong ethical foundation makes ACT Global an ideal partner for any turf field endeavor. 

If you are not yet done comparing suppliers, take a look at our article on the Top Artificial Turf Field Companies in the U.S.

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