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Padel Court Construction

Learn about what influences the total cost of padel court construction projects and read about important design considerations. 

Padel Court Design

In this article, we explain the dimensions and the layout of a padel court to ensure your court meets the playability and safety requirements.

padel court dimensions
padel court led lighting

Padel Court LED Lighting

Don’t underestimate the importance of LED lighting for your padel court. Proper illumination is key to safety and playability, especially in the evening hours. Read about the installation costs and design considerations below. 

Get a cost estimate for budgeting at an early stage

We have created a simple and quick-to-use padel court cost calculator designed for schools, universities, sports clubs, municipalities, and other project starters who want to get a customized cost estimate for their construction project.

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Padel Court Grants and Funding

Read about funding and grant opportunities for padel court installation projects and amenities such as LED sports lighting installations. 

Padel Court Builders and Suppliers

Read our list of the top five padel court manufacturers and suppliers in the US to find the most suitable builder for your project.

Padel Court Questions & Answers

What are padel courts?

Padel courts are enclosed sports facilities typically constructed with transparent walls and a synthetic grass-like surface. Padel is a racket sport similar to tennis and squash, played in doubles. The game combines elements of both sports and is popular in various countries, known for its social and accessible nature.

How much does it cost to build a padel court?

Typically, the cost of constructing a padel court ranges from approximately $24,000 to $65,000. The final cost is influenced by factors such as the material quality, competition level, and your specific geographic location.

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How big is a padel court?

In line with regulations set by the International Padel Federation (IPF), a standard-sized padel court has dimensions of 20 meters (66 feet) in length and 10 meters (33 feet) in width, resulting in a total playing surface area of 200 square meters or 2,178 square feet, encompassed by the court’s boundary markings.

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How many padel courts fit on a tennis court?

In general, it’s common to fit two padel courts within the space of one regulation-sized tennis court. Padel courts are usually smaller, measuring about 20 meters (66 feet) in length and 10 meters (33 feet) in width, while a standard tennis court is larger, with dimensions of 23.77 meters (78 feet) in length and 8.23 meters (27 feet) in width for singles play or 10.97 meters (36 feet) in width for doubles play.

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How many padel courts in USA?

In 2023, there are somewhere between  200 and 300 padel courts in the USA, with the sport’s popularity rapidly increasing. Most of these courts are in California, Florida, and Texas, but padel is gaining traction in other states too, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Washington, with courts now available in over 20 states.

How to build a padel court?

Constructing a padel court involves six key steps:

  • Use Case: Determine the purpose (professional or casual), which influences design, materials, and budgeting.
  • Site Selection: Choose a level, obstruction-free location and prepare the ground.
  • Court Base: Create a level concrete base for a consistent playing surface.
  • Walls and Net: Install robust glass and metallic mesh walls and the proper net.
  • Court Surface: Lay artificial grass with sand infill, selecting the right type for play style.
  • Lighting and Fencing: Ensure adequate lighting and fencing for safety and security.

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How long does it take to build a padel court?

On average, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to build a padel court, with variations based on project complexity and local factors.

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What surface does a padel court have?

A padel court typically has an artificial grass surface. This artificial grass provides an ideal balance of traction and player movement and is commonly used to create a consistent playing surface for the sport.


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