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a-turf Manheim Central School District Field Replacement

Artificial Turf Fields

Calculate the costs for new construction or renovation of a sports field for football, baseball, soccer or other sports.
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stadium and sports field lighting

LED Sports Lighting

Calculate the costs for the construction of a new lighting system incl. poles or the costs for changing to a modern LED system.
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Running Tracks

Calculate the cost for the new construction or resurfacing of your running track and read about important considerations.
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gymnasium flooring

Gymnasium flooring

Calculate the costs for the new installation or renovation of your gymnasium floor.

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tennis courts

Tennis Courts

What does it cost to build or renovate a tennis court? Calculate the cost of different surfaces.
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Sports Field Maintenance

Calculate the annual maintenance costs for an artificial turf field or natural grass sports field.
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sports domes

Sports Domes

Calculate the costs for the new construction or of a sports air dome for tennis, football, soccer, or baseball.
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Outdoor Sports Courts

What determines the costs of installing a new outdoor sports court for your sports facility? Use our calculator to find out.
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Pickleball Courts

Type in your pickleball court specs and get an instant cost estimate for your court project.
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LED Scoreboards & Video Displays

Calculate the installation costs of a new LED scoreboard, video display or a jumbotron for your sports facility.
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Ice Rinks

Calculate the costs of building a permanent ice rink or renting a temporary synthetic rink.
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Padel Courts

What does it cost to install a padel court? Assess the expenses involved to understand the financial requirements.
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sports turf irrigation and sprinkler systems

Sports Turf Irrigation

Use the calculator to understand how much sports turf irrigation and the machinery involved cost.
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Outdoor Gyms

Get a cost estimate and understand the total costs of your outdoor gym or calisthenics gym installation project.

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Gyms & Weightrooms

Calculate the cost of your gym or weightroom installation project.

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