Knowledge Center

Information about artificial turf playing fields for sports fields. From new construction to renovation and infill granules.

LED sports lighting systems for outdoor and indoor use, illumination levels of different sports and information about new construction and retrofitting.

Information on all aspects of running track construction, maintenance and resurfacing from asphalt and cinder tracks to full polyurethane athletics tracks.

Which indoor sports flooring is suitable for which sports and use? Information for gymnasium operators.

Background information on tennis court construction, refurbishment of tennis facilities and tennis surfaces for indoor and outdoor.

What is the cost of annual maintenance of the sports field? Information on the maintenance ofartificial turf fields and natural grass sports fields.

What options do schools, colleges, sports clubs or municipalities have for funding their sports facility projects and how to apply for sports facility grants?

What are the factors that determine the cost of temporary sports air domes and what you need to consider when planning to build one for your school or sports club.

Important considerations on the installation, costs and financing of outdoor sports courts for schools and sports clubs.

Learn about important considerations regarding pickleball court construction and understand what determines the overall costs.

Learn how to choose the right LED scoreboard or a video display for your sports faciltity and what influences the installation cost

Learn what influences the cost of building a permanent ice rink or renting a temporary synthetic rink.

Learn about padel court construction costs, design and planning considerations and find funding opportunities.

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