Frequently Asked Questions

Our estimates are based on average values that we have collected from countless actual offers and inputs from vendors.

Every sports facility is different. Site-specific factors, regional price differences and the specifics of your final design will ultimately shape the specs and final cost of your construction or renovation project. 

The Sports Venue Calculator cannot replace the detailed estimate that will only come from a site survey and extensive conversation with designers, architects and builders. Our quotes give you a strong starting point so you can enter that process knowing what to expect and with a range of possibilities in mind.

Our cost calculators are a single destination for you to get a real-life starting point for understanding the costs your project will incur. 

Not only does Sports Venue Calculator give you a detailed overview of the most important line items for your budget, but you’ll have the option of requesting bespoke estimates from leading vendors. All you have to do is use the quote function in the cost calculators, and our partners will be in touch about your project.

Our estimates are based on offers and completed project data provided to us by educational institutions, sports associations, cities and vendors. We then showed the data to the professionals and experts who do this work full-time so they could validate the range of prices.

We are constantly feeding new data into the calculators so we can tell you what the market is saying and keep our estimate as close to what you’ll receive when it’s time to get started.

That’s what our quote service is here for!  Send the specs for your project via email to us ( We will then share your request with the experts and specialists in our network. They will email you their best offers, answer any questions and be ready to provide any other services they can. Fast, uncomplicated and independent.

Nothing! This service is completely free of charge.

No matter how many times you re-enter information to adjust your specs, whether or not you use any of our partners for your final project, even if you go in a completely different direction, the cost is always the same: $0.

The estimates list the major line items you need to guide your project. When estimating the costs of a sports field, for example, we include  dozens of items (trench excavation, drainage, elastic base course, synthetic turf, barrier system, irrigation system). Those are all things you’ll need to think about, so they are all part of the estimate.

We need your email address to send you the estimate for your project.

If you would like to receive offers from suppliers in our network, we’ll need your phone number and address so they can contact you with the information you need.

Our quote service is the easiest way to obtain reliable cost estimates from different providers without time-consuming research. Just enter your data into one of our cost calculators and click to get your quote.

We’ll then send you what you need to know to get started.

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