Artificial Turf Field Maintenance

artificial turf field maintenance cost

Artificial Turf Field Maintenance Cost

Maintaining and keeping your synthetic turf field in good shape enables you to squeeze the maximum amount of years from your sports facility investment. Read about the maintenance costs and guidelines for turf fields.

artificial turf field repair cost

Artificial Turf Field Repair Cost

Synthetic turf sports fields take a lot of beating throughout the long season. They are durable, but the turf still needs repair from time to time. Learn about the different tips and tricks in our guide below.

artificial turf field maintenance equipment

Turf Field Maintenance Equipment

Synthetic turf fields require specialized equipment and machinery for proper maintenance. Read about the different equipment and find out what kind of machinery you should have in-house vs. covered by a maintenance partner.

Turf Field Maintenance Programs

Read about the benefits of investing in a maintenance program for synthetic turf sports fields offered by professional turf field maintenance companies. 

artificial turf field maintenance programs

Artificial Turf Field Testing

Read about sports field testing and why it is an essential task in keeping your sports turf in a playable and safe condition for the users at your sports facility. 

Artificial Turf Field Infill

Turf infill plays a crucial role in ensuring your synthetic turf field is safe and pleasant to play on. During turf maintenance work one of the key steps is to make sure the infill is evenly distributed.  There is a long list of material options from traditional rubber to natural alternatives like cork. Read more in our guide below.

Get a cost estimate for budgeting at an early stage

We have created a simple and quick-to-use turf field maintenance cost calculator designed for schools, universities, sports clubs, municipalities, and other project starters who want to get a customized cost estimate for turf field maintenance.

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