Case Study: Manza Sport Padel Court Installed at the Miami Masters Series

Sports Venue Calculator Teams Up with RacquetX for the Inaugural Event in Miami

Photo credit: Manza Sport

The Project

During the Miami Masters Series tennis event, Manza Sport, in collaboration with PadelHub, undertook the project of installing a padel court within the prestigious Crandon Park venue. The court was strategically placed next to the Village area and the second most important stadium of the event.

Photo credit: Manza Sport

The Solution

The chosen court structure was grey, with fibrillated green turf and 10mm thick tempered glass. Given the nature of the event, no additional lighting was required. This padel court was prominently positioned within Crandon Park, enhancing the event’s Village area.

This installation marked the second occasion Manza Sport had integrated a padel court into a Masters Series event, following their pioneering effort at the Rome tournament. The objective was to introduce the sport of padel to tennis enthusiasts and provide a unique attraction during the tennis event.

Photo credit: Manza Sport

The Results

The installation attracted significant interest from tennis spectators, who were curious to learn about and engage with the sport of padel. This initiative not only delighted existing padel enthusiasts but also served as an introduction to the sport for many new fans.

The exposure helped increase the sport’s popularity in the United States, which already had a growing number of padel fans. Such initiatives are crucial for spreading awareness and fostering the growth of padel.

Furthermore, many professional tennis players participating in the Miami Masters Series took the opportunity to play padel during their free time, showcasing the court’s appeal and the sport’s integration into the tennis community.

This project demonstrated the potential for padel to complement major tennis events and provided a model for future installations at high-profile sports events.

For more information on Manza Sport’s padel court projects, visit their website.

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