U.S. Bank Stadium Upgrades with ACT Global Turf

act global U.S. bank stadium minneapolis

U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, is getting a major upgrade. ACT Global will install new, advanced turf, revolutionizing the playing field.

Chosen from six bidders, ACT Global stands out for their expertise in durable, high-performance synthetic turf. This project, expected to complete by end of March, is a testament to ACT Global’s quality, with a four-year performance warranty to endure the NFL’s rigorous demands.

This upgrade, spearheaded by ACT Global, is not just aesthetic but a strategic move to enhance player performance and safety. As the new season approaches, the Vikings will play on a field that’s as dynamic and resilient as their gameplay.

Discover more about ACT Global and their innovative synthetic turf field offerings on their website.