Case Study: GeoSurfaces Elevates LakePoint Sports with Premier Turf Upgrade

Case Study: GeoSurfaces Elevates LakePoint Sports with Premier Turf Upgrade

The Project

LakePoint Sports, renowned for being the premier travel and youth sports destination in the country, has launched a fresh look alongside a new partnership with GeoSurfaces, a Tencate Company, as the 2024 travel baseball season begins. This significant upgrade involves the introduction of advanced turf across all eight major-league-sized fields and seventeen batting cages at LakePoint Sports’ Baseball Village.

The Solution

GeoSurfaces took the lead on this project, implementing their cutting-edge turf technology designed to improve playability and durability under even the most challenging conditions. The new turf is engineered to withstand the intense wear and tear of competitive baseball, ensuring top-notch performance throughout the hottest days of the year. This initiative highlights GeoSurfaces’ expertise in providing high-quality turf solutions tailored to the specific needs of sports facilities.

The Result

The collaboration between LakePoint Sports and GeoSurfaces has significantly enhanced the Baseball Village, offering an unparalleled on-field experience for aspiring players aiming for professional careers. 

Josh Laney, VP of Guest Experience at LakePoint Sports, praised the project’s success, emphasizing the superior experience now available for athletes and guests. 

Charles Dawson, President of GeoSurfaces, also expressed pride in their role in upgrading this esteemed venue. The partnership has been further solidified with a 5-year, fully integrated sponsorship, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence in sports facilities. 

With added features like in-game Trackman data and live streaming services, LakePoint Sports continues to set the standard as the ultimate destination for top-tier baseball, inviting players nationwide to create memorable moments on these state-of-the-art fields.

Read the full news story on the LakePoint Sports website or learn more about GeoSurfaces turf field systems on their website