Showcasing MejorSet’s Premier Padel Court Installations in Miami

Sports Venue Calculator Teams Up with RacquetX for the Inaugural Event in Miami

Ultra Padel, Miami, Fl

Located in Miami, Ultra Padel is set to become the premier padel club with an impressive lineup of 20 Panoramic RC10 Courts, 3 X-Treme Courts, 2 Kids Courts, and the USA’s first-ever Premier Padel Court. 

These courts are designed to withstand hurricanes, ensuring safety and durability. The club also features specialized panoramic padel courts tailored for children aged 2-6, promoting early engagement in the sport. This customization makes Ultra Padel a standout destination for padel enthusiasts of all ages.

Learn more about MejorSet padel courts on their website!

Padel X, Miami, Fl

Situated in the heart of downtown Miami, Padel X boasts the city’s best location for a high-end padel experience. The club features 10 super panoramic view padel courts, offering stunning cityscapes and an immersive playing environment. 

Each court is equipped with customized protections branded by Lacoste, enhancing both aesthetics and safety. Padel X aims to deliver the most premium padel experience in Miami, catering to players seeking luxury and top-tier facilities.

Learn more about MejorSet padel courts on their website!

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