Stadium & Sports Field Lighting

Stadium & Sports Field Lighting

Very few sports fields at any level of play are open only during the day. People are at work, kids are at school, and even in the age of remote work and virtual school, there aren’t too many rec leagues taking the field at 1 pm on a Tuesday. That’s why an LED sports field lighting system is almost as important as the field itself for any sports complex. Sports complex managers and designers have to consider many of the same factors in choosing their lighting system as they do when coming up with the specs for a new playing surface. 

The sports that will play on the field, the level of competition, and the presence of fans all shape the technical requirements of the lighting system. The facility’s budget comes into play for both the upfront cost of installing the lights and the long-term operational and maintenance costs: how many hours a day will the lights be on, what lights are most energy-efficient and how often will they need to be replaced? 

Try our sports lighting cost calculator to get a customized cost estimate for your project. You can also read the sport-specific cost guides listed below to learn more about what determines the price of a sports lighting project.

Sport Specific LED Stadium & Sports Field Lighting Cost Guides

Whether you are planning to install new LED stadium lights or retrofit LED lights to an existing lighting system at a high school, college, a private sports center or a community park, we’ve got you covered! 

Our LED sports field lighting cost guides tell you everything you need to know about what goes into the price of a new installation or a LED retrofit project. 

Grants and Funding for LED Stadium & Sports Field Lighting projects

There are a few ways for schools and athletic facilities to help subsidize a lighting purchase. There are tax deductions available for LED sports field lighting, as well as government rebates that can be explored. Schools can also investigate used LED stadium lighting as a way to cut costs to brighten their fields.

Read more about sports lighting grants and tips on how to fund and finance your sports facility.

Converting your lighting system to LED

LED sports field lighting is becoming the go-to solution for high schools, colleges and sports complexes. These articles are written for athletic directors and sports complex owners who are planning to upgrade their conventional (HID) lighting system to LED.

Read about the different methods of converting to LED sports lighting.

Stadium & Sports Field Lighting Design Considerations

Read about what you should take into consideration in the early planning phase of the lighting project. 

Get a cost estimate for budgeting at an early stage

We have created a simple and quick to use LED stadium lighting cost calculator designed for schools, universities, sports clubs, municipalities and other project starters who want to get a customized cost estimate for their lighting project.

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