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In the realm of sports lighting, facility managers are presented with a plethora of choices. Ephesus Lighting emerges as a premier name, often favored by athletic directors, school boards, municipal purchasers, and sports facility leaders. Their dedication to advanced technology, unmatched performance, and a focus on customer needs makes them a popular choice in the industry. 

However, while Ephesus consistently delivers top-tier solutions, it’s essential to understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Some facilities might have unique requirements that necessitate a different approach. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the considerations to keep in mind, ensuring you make an informed decision about whether Ephesus aligns with your facility’s specific lighting needs.

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Ephesus Lighting Company History

Ephesus Sports Lighting has a rich history in the sports lighting industry, marked by groundbreaking innovations and a commitment to excellence. The company was founded in 2010 and quickly made its mark with the introduction of LED lighting technology specifically designed for sports venues. Led by CEO Mike Lorenz, a visionary in the lighting industry, Ephesus set out to revolutionize the way sports facilities are illuminated.

Ephesus Lighting operates as the sports lighting division under the umbrella of Cooper Lighting company. As of 2020, Cooper Lighting itself became part of Signify, a renowned Dutch lighting powerhouse. This acquisition by Signify has further solidified Ephesus Lighting’s position within the industry, benefiting from the expertise and resources of a global leader in the lighting market.

ephesus sports lighting

Revolutionary LED Technology

At the forefront of sports lighting innovation, Ephesus Sports Lighting leads the way with their revolutionary LED technology. By harnessing the power of advanced optics and smart controls, the company produces lighting systems that offer unparalleled performance and energy efficiency. Decision makers can expect high-quality lighting that enhances visibility, eliminates shadows, and provides exceptional uniformity on the playing surface.

Ephesus’ LED fixtures deliver remarkable illumination, ensuring that athletes can perform at their best and that fans enjoy an immersive experience. With vibrant colors and superior light quality, Ephesus lighting systems bring sports facilities to life, creating an atmosphere that captivates both players and spectators.

Here are some of the LED sports lighting installations completed by Ephesus:

Successful Ephesus Sports Lighting Projects

Ephesus Lighting - Unmatched Reliability and Durability

When investing in a sports lighting system, decision makers understand the importance of longevity and durability. Ephesus Sports Lighting delivers on these fronts with fixtures built to withstand the rigors of sports environments. Their LED luminaires are engineered with high-quality materials and cutting-edge thermal management systems, ensuring reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Ephesus fixtures are designed to have an extended lifespan, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements. This translates into significant cost savings over time, allowing decision makers to allocate resources more efficiently. By partnering with Ephesus, sports facility owners can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their lighting system will provide consistent and reliable performance for years to come.

  •  Warranty
    • Ephesus sports lighting fixtures have a standard warranty period of 10 years
  •  Certifications
    • As a partner of the ENERGY STAR program, the company is committed to taking action on behalf of its customers to save energy, money and to help protect the environment
    • DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualification that ensures rigorous energy efficiency and performance criteria
    • Ephesus lighting products comply with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards ensuring adherence to safety and quality requirements
    • Ephesus lighting products are also Dark Sky compliant, which showcases their commitment to minimizing light pollution and preserving the natural environment
  • Industry awards
    • Winner of the Sports Business Awards “Best in sports technology award” in 2016
    • Winner of the 2017 SportTechie Award for Outstanding Sports Technology

Ephesus Lighting Tailored Solutions for All Levels

Sports facilities come in various sizes and configurations, each with its unique lighting requirements. Ephesus Sports Lighting recognizes this diversity and offers tailored solutions to suit every venue. Whether it’s a local community field, a college stadium, or a professional arena, the company has the expertise to design and implement a lighting system that maximizes visibility and optimizes the sporting experience.

Ephesus’ team of lighting experts works closely with decision makers to understand their specific needs and goals. Through careful planning and precise calculations, they create customized lighting layouts that ensure optimal light distribution, minimal glare, and excellent uniformity. With Ephesus, decision makers can be confident that their sports facility will receive the ideal lighting solution, regardless of size or complexity.

  • Stadium Lighting Systems: Ephesus offers powerful LED luminaires designed for large sporting venues, like collegiate stadiums, providing uniform light distribution and reduced glare.
  • Sports Field Lighting Systems: Ephesus provides tailored outdoor sports field lighting systems, for high school and recreational facilities, that offer uniform illumination across the playing surface with customizable aiming options.
  • Arena Lighting Systems: Ephesus enhances indoor sports facilities with its arena lighting systems, ensuring excellent lighting uniformity and color rendering.
  • Court Lighting Systems: Ephesus meets the lighting requirements of indoor and outdoor sports courts, delivering optimal visibility and player comfort.

LED Sports Lighting Buyer's Guide

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Intelligent Controls for Efficiency and Flexibility

In today’s technologically advanced world, intelligent lighting controls are essential for optimizing energy usage and providing flexibility in sports facilities. Ephesus Sports Lighting integrates intelligent controls into their systems, allowing decision makers to have precise control over lighting levels, scheduling, and zoning.

With Ephesus’ smart controls,  lighting intensities  can be adjusted for different events, optimize energy consumption, and create dynamic lighting effects to enhance the overall atmosphere. These controls also provide valuable data and analytics, enabling facility owners to monitor energy usage, track maintenance schedules, and identify opportunities for further optimization.

The Airmesh control system revolutionizes sports lighting management. With wireless communication, it offers precise control over lighting levels, scheduling, and presets. Real-time monitoring provides energy consumption data and system performance insights. The user-friendly interface simplifies operation, promoting efficiency and sustainability. Airmesh empowers facility managers to optimize lighting, reduce energy consumption, and enhance the sports experience.

Ephesus Sports Lighting Pre & After-Sales Services

Selecting the right lighting partner involves more than just the products themselves; it requires a strong and supportive relationship. Ephesus Sports Lighting understands this and places great emphasis on providing exceptional customer support and service.

The company provides a comprehensive range of services to support their clients throughout the sports lighting process. They offer expert consultation, customized lighting design, and manage projects from start to finish. The company assists with product selection, installation, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. They also provide financing assistance and training programs to empower their clients with knowledge and help them overcome budget constraints. With their dedication to delivering exceptional service and comprehensive solutions, Ephesus is a trusted partner for sports lighting projects.

Financing options

Sports lighting installations, particularly LED floodlights, have garnered widespread support due to their ability to enhance sports fields and extend their usability. When it comes to financing such projects, decision makers have several options at their disposal. 

One avenue is to explore LED sports lighting lighting grants offered by federal and state funds, as well as local municipalities. These grants are specifically designed to support initiatives promoting energy efficiency, sustainability, and community development. 

Additionally, fundraising campaigns can be effective in generating funds from businesses, individuals, club members, students, parents, and the local community. Creative initiatives, such as organizing events and seeking sponsorships, can provide the necessary revenue to purchase and install sports lighting systems. 

By leveraging financing and funding opportunities, decision makers can transform their sports facilities with advanced lighting technology, enhancing the overall sporting experience while maximizing the usability of the fields.

Is Ephesus the right fit for your facility?

Ephesus Lighting, known for its advanced optics and smart controls, offers innovative and reliable sports lighting solutions tailored to a range of venues, from community fields to professional arenas. Their commitment to quality is evident in their durable fixtures and comprehensive customer support. 

However, while their cutting-edge technology ensures optimal performance, it might come at a premium price. Additionally, being under larger entities like Cooper Lighting and Signify could introduce potential bureaucratic challenges. Some smaller venues might also find their advanced features excessive, and there could be concerns about localized support in areas where Ephesus has a less pronounced presence.

Ephesus Lighting Pros
  • Advanced optics and smart controls enhance visibility and eliminate shadows.
  • High-quality materials and advanced thermal management ensure consistent performance.
  • Offers lighting solutions tailored to every venue, from community fields to pro arenas.
  • Precise control over lighting levels, scheduling, and zoning for energy optimization.
  • Comprehensive customer support, consultation, and customized lighting design.
Ephesus Lighting Cons
  • Some smaller venues might find certain advanced features excessive or unnecessary for their specific needs.
  • Potential concerns about the speed or quality of local support in areas with less Ephesus presence.
  • Operates under larger entities like Cooper Lighting and Signify, which might mean potential bureaucracy.
  • Being a top company, Ephesus might prioritize larger projects, potentially leading to longer lead times for smaller venues.

NOTE: It’s important to emphasize that the mentioned points are theoretical and might not reflect the actual experiences or perspectives of facility managers familiar with Musco’s solutions.

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Ephesus Lighting Company, with its steadfast dedication to innovation, excellence, and sustainability, stands as one of the industry’s leading lights. Their extensive product range, deep industry insights, and track record of successful implementations showcase their prowess in the realm of sports lighting. While they consistently offer enhanced visibility, energy conservation, and memorable moments for athletes and spectators, the best fit always boils down to individual facility requirements. 

Factors such as location, competition level, facility size, and spectator capacity play pivotal roles in determining the ideal lighting solution. Thus, while Ephesus is often a top choice, it’s essential for facility managers to assess if their offerings align with the unique needs of each venue.

Try our sports lighting cost calculator to get a customized cost estimate for your sports lighting installation or LED retrofit project inside three minutes! 

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