High School Football Field Lighting Case Study by Ephesus Lighting

Case Study: High School Football Field Lighting (Ephesus Lighting)

high school football field lighting

As one of the leading sports lighting companies in the US, Ephesus Lighting, was invited to provide a solution to a high school football field lighting LED retrofit project. In this case study they outline the challenges Sprayberry High School faced, how Ephesus Lighting solved them and what kind of lighting equipment was installed. 


Sprayberry High School services more than 1,700 students in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Ga. Jim Frazier Stadium, named for the school’s long-time head football coach was one of the local high schools used in the filming of Remember the Titans and boasts an impressive list of alums who played their high school football on the field including NFL stars Rodrigo Blankenship, Jerick McKinnon and Trey Sermon. The stadium features a FieldTurf surface, a newly refurbished track, seating for 2,000 fans and now one of the most advanced LED lighting systems available. Since it was first built in 1983, it has also hosted The Southern Invitational Music Festival – one of the southeast’s most prestigious events for marching bands.

The Challenge

The facility operators were looking to enhance the presentation of their events by gaining control of their lighting system. It was also important for them to reduce energy consumption as their antiquated 76 metal-halide fixtures generated a whopping 114,000 watts of power. The inability to control their system coupled with the sky-high energy bills limited their use of the lights beyond gameday. And finally, even though digital lighting solutions have dramatically lowered maintenance requirements, it was important for them to have a remote driver that would allow them to perform maintenance without the use of a lift.

The Solution

Ephesus designed a state-of-the-art digital lighting solution with 70 LumaSport 8 fixtures providing 50 foot-candles of lighting with just 45,000 watts of power – a 62% reduction in energy consumption. The AirMesh hub allows facility operators to control the system on a laptop or their mobile phone via LAN, Wi-Fi or a cellular network. The system features five pre-programmed switches and individual control of each fixture to create an unlimited number of lighting configurations.

As a manufacturer’s representative, SouthCon worked directly with Ephesus and Georgia Power to complete the installation.

Ephesus Products Used

LumaSport 8 is the best LED replacement for a 1500 watt metal halide sports lighting system. It combines interchangeable modular power, controls and easy-to-install mounting options to deliver the optimum lighting system solution for every unique indoor and outdoor sports lighting application with industry leading reliability.

  • Power: 340W – 680W
  • Lumen output: 55,000 – 90,000

AirMesh Hub  is a key component of the entire LED lighting system. It can switch lights off or on, or dim them to a specified level. Zones can be established so that lights in a particular area can be controlled separately from others. The system stores power data, behaviors, alarms and critical events locally for maintenance and troubleshooting.

For more information about Ephesus Lighting systems and projects: www.ephesuslighting.com