Over 40 Ephesus Sports Lighting systems installed at Knox Country Schools District ball fields

Over 40 Ephesus Sports Lighting systems installed at Knox County Schools District ball fields

Ephesus Lighting announces the completion of over 40 sports lighting installations in the Knox County School District in Knoxville, TN. 13 campuses in the area had decided to upgrade their old metal halide lighting systems to LED technology. As one of the leading LED sports lighting companies in the US, Ephesus Lighting, was up for the challenge. 

The huge transformation project was completed in collaboration with Ephesus installation partners Trane Energy Services and Tennessee Lighting Sales. The team had to design and install LED retrofit solutions for each athletic / ball field. 

The optimal solution turned out to be a combination of the Ephesus LumaSport 8 and Prism RGBA LED lighting fixtures. The AirMesh Hub was brought in to provide wireless control capability for scheduling, dimming, and instant turn-on/off functionality. 

The results were astounding. The Knox County School District estimates they will be able to reduce their electricity costs by a whopping 60%. 

For more information about Ephesus Lighting systems and projects: www.ephesuslighting.com

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