GeoSport Lighting Systems: Company Profile

GeoSport Lighting: Company Profile

geosport lighting
LED baseball field lighting installation by GeoSport Lighting (Photo credit: GeoSport Lighting)

GeoSport Lighting is a trusted nationwide sports lighting manufacturer and installer, dedicated to elevating sports facilities with their superior lighting solutions. With their extensive experience and commitment to excellence, they understand the importance of creating a dynamic environment that enhances athletic performance and engages spectators. 

GeoSport Lighting’s portfolio showcases successful projects across the country, demonstrating their ability to design and install customized lighting systems that optimize visibility, playability, and safety. With a focus on achieving the required lighting levels for sports facilities, their nationwide network of certified installers ensures a seamless installation process. 

As a reliable partner for sports facility owners and operators, GeoSport Lighting is committed to delivering top-tier lighting solutions that enhance the overall sporting experience and create memorable atmospheres for athletes and spectators alike.

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GeoSport Lighting: Sports Lighting Design and Manufacturing

GeoSport Lighting specializes in the design and delivery of LED sports lighting systems, catering to a wide range of outdoor sports facilities including stadiums, sports fields, and sports courts. With a nationwide presence and a diverse client base spanning professional, collegiate, high school, municipal, and recreational levels, GeoSport Lighting has demonstrated its expertise across various competition levels and facility types.

Comprehensive Range of Products

GeoSport Lighting offers an extensive range of lighting solutions to meet the unique requirements of different sports facilities. Their CLIR series LED lighting system, available in 630 or 1260 watts, is an ideal choice for outdoor recreational facilities and high school sports fields. It delivers exceptional lighting performance, ensuring optimal visibility for athletes and spectators alike.

For those seeking professional-grade lighting solutions, the Stadium Series LED option is the go-to choice. Specifically designed for stadiums with large seating capacities and high-definition TV broadcasting requirements, this lighting system guarantees unparalleled lighting quality that meets the most stringent standards of the industry.

geosport lighting clir series led

Clir Series LED

  • Outdoor LED sports light fixture for sports and athletic fields (high school / college)
  • Power: 630W – 1260W
  • CRI: 70+
  • CCT: 5700K
geosport lighting stadium series led

Stadium Series LED

  • Outdoor LED sports light fixture for large sport stadiums (college / professional)
  • Power: 1000W
  • CRI: 90+
  • CCT: 4000K – 6500K

Control system

GeoSport Lighting systems come with cutting-edge LED sports lighting control systems with advanced features that go beyond basic functionality. Their systems not only provide precise lighting management and energy efficiency but also have the capability to create captivating light shows for special events and entertainment purposes. With programmable RGB capabilities, facility owners can unleash their creativity and transform their sports venue into a stunning visual spectacle. Whether it’s synchronized lighting effects, color transitions, or dynamic patterns, GeoSport Lighting’s control systems enable sports facility owners to create immersive and memorable experiences for athletes, spectators, and the surrounding community. 

LED Sports Lighting Buyer's Guide

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Expertise in Installation

With a team of experienced professionals, GeoSport Lighting Systems brings its expertise to every installation project. Their deep understanding of sports lighting requirements, coupled with their technical proficiency, ensures that each installation is executed with precision and efficiency. From initial planning and design to the final installation and commissioning, the GeoSport Lighting team works closely with clients to deliver exceptional results.

In addition to their own installation team, GeoSport Lighting Systems boasts a nationwide network of certified sports lighting installers. These professional installers have undergone rigorous training and certification processes to ensure they meet the highest standards of expertise and workmanship. This extensive network allows GeoSport Lighting to efficiently handle projects across the country, providing clients with local expertise and support. Whether it’s a small local sports field or a large-scale stadium, their certified installers bring their knowledge and experience to every project, ensuring seamless installations and optimal performance of the lighting systems.

GeoSport Lighting Systems takes pride in its extensive portfolio of successful LED sports lighting installation projects. As a nationwide sports lighting manufacturer and installer, the company has left its mark on sports facilities across the country, providing high-quality lighting solutions that elevate the sporting experience.

GeoSports Lighting projects

GeoSport Lighting: Committed to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

GeoSport Lighting Systems is dedicated to delivering outstanding lighting solutions and exceptional customer service. With their in-house production capabilities, they have full control over the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality standards are met at every step. GeoSport Lighting understands that every sports facility is unique, and they work closely with clients to design and customize lighting solutions that align with their specific needs and objectives.

Goodpasture Christian School, Madison, TN

GeoSport Lighting retrofitted this football field in Madison, TN with brand-new LED sports lighting fixtures. Click on the image above to see the video and compare the difference in brightness and lighting uniformity between the old metal halide system and the new GeoSport LED lighting system. 

OU's Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium

GeoSport LED sports lighting systems are light show ready. Make your sports lights flash, dance, celebrate, and lift the atmosphere in the stadium with a flick of a button. Check out this example video of a lighting installation at OU’s Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium. 

GeoSport Lighting: Industry Recognition and Certifications

GeoSport Lighting’s commitment to excellence has been recognized by industry experts. In 2021, they were honored with the prestigious ASBA Project of the Year Award, a testament to their exceptional work and innovative approach to sports lighting installations. This recognition further solidifies GeoSport Lighting’s position as a leader in the field.

Financing options

LED floodlights have become increasingly popular in the realm of sports lighting due to their remarkable capacity to enhance sports fields and extend their usability. For decision makers exploring financing options for such projects, there are various choices available, including LED sports lighting grants provided by federal, state, and local sources. These grants serve as a valuable means of financial assistance, facilitating the transition to LED technology and promoting energy efficiency and cost savings in sports facilities.

To delve deeper into funding opportunities for sports facilities, we encourage you to explore our dedicated section on sports facility grants. Here, you can find comprehensive information about the different grant programs available, their eligibility criteria, and the application process. 

Kick Off Your LED Sports Lighting Project

We’ve created a comprehensive set of tools designed to assist facility managers and project planners in initiating their projects and connect them with the professionals in the industry.


GeoSport Lighting Systems has positioned itself as a leading provider of innovative LED sports lighting solutions. With their expertise, comprehensive product range, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they have earned the trust of clients across the United States. Whether it’s an outdoor stadium, sports field, or sports court, GeoSport Lighting Systems has the knowledge and resources to deliver tailored lighting solutions that enhance safety, aesthetics, and playability. By choosing GeoSport Lighting, decision-makers can be confident in their investment and provide athletes and spectators with an unmatched sporting experience.

Try our sports lighting cost calculator to get a customized cost estimate for your sports lighting installation or LED retrofit project in under three minutes.

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