Ice Rink Construction Companies in the United States

Ice Rink Construction Companies in the United States

In the United States, ice sports such as hockey, skating, and curling have been gaining unprecedented popularity. This surge in interest underscores not only the need for high-quality ice rink facilities but also the importance of knowing how to choose the ideal ice rink construction company for the job. Selecting the right company is crucial as it ensures the creation of a facility that meets specific requirements, adheres to safety standards, and provides a long-lasting venue for ice sports enthusiasts.

This article is dedicated to illuminating the top ice rink construction companies in the U.S., offering vital insights for project planners from clubs, associations, leagues, municipalities, school districts, and colleges. These stakeholders, who are considering the development of ice sports facilities, will find this information crucial for making informed decisions in their construction ventures.

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Geographical Considerations For Ice Rink Companies

Building an ice rink in the warm and humid climate of Florida presents a starkly different set of challenges compared to the colder, more stable temperatures of Minnesota. Companies in this field must tailor their approach to suit the local geography and climate: 

  • More robust cooling systems in warmer regions, and structures that can withstand colder weather in northern areas. 
  • Additionally, they need to consider regional construction styles, which vary in terms of design preferences and material choices across different states. 
  • Compliance with local regulations, which can include environmental standards, building codes, and safety guidelines, is also essential to ensure that each ice rink is optimally suited to its specific location.

Leading Ice Rink Construction Companies in the United States


Custom Ice Rinks

In 1999, former NHL pro hockey player Dave Gagner joined forces with professional engineer Brendan Lenko, a leading figure in the ice rink industry. Recognizing the need for open and fun environments for children to skate and play hockey, Dave aimed to provide creative and affordable solutions amidst the growing demands on municipal hockey arenas. This led to the development of private rinks, training facilities, studio setups, and portable rinks, all designed to enhance kids’ physical and social development. Brendan’s innovative designs perfectly aligned with Dave’s vision, allowing for diverse ice installations based on space and budget requirements. Over the past two decades, Custom Ice has constructed over 1,000 ice surfaces worldwide, offering a wide range of rink options and remaining committed to affordable, customized solutions for clients of all sizes and types of ice skating projects.

Area of expertise

  • Ice rink design and construction, Ice rink products and accessories
  • From residential and community rinks to training rinks for municipalities and competitive indoor arenas for high schools and colleges
  • Portable, permanent and indoor rinks for ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, curling, etc.

Ice rink solutions

  • Community rinks: Custom Ice offers versatile ice rink solutions for various needs and budgets. Their Roll-Out-Rinks provide an affordable, movable option for communities, while their permanent rinks cater to year-round activities. They also specialize in renovating old rinks with efficient piping systems.
  • Curling rinks: In the realm of curling, Custom Ice’s ProCurl piping system provides superior cooling and consistent conditions for curling, adaptable to various installation environments.
  • Speed skating ovals and skating paths: Outdoor rinks, including speed skating ovals and skating paths, are another Custom Ice offering, enhancing parks and recreational areas. These paths are versatile, usable for skating in winter and activities like rollerblading and cycling in summer,
  • Ice hockey rinks: Training rinks are tailored for hockey trainers, offering custom sizes and designs to meet specific training needs economically. For indoor arenas, Custom Ice caters to municipal, private, and institutional sectors, creating single or multi-sheet ice rinks with a focus on quality, efficiency, and budget adherence.

Examples of successful projects

Everything Ice

Everything Ice serves as the go-to resource for all aspects of ice rink design and construction. With over 30 years of experience and a track record of over 900 successful rink installations, they possess the expertise required to lead teams from concept to project completion. Visitors are encouraged to explore the Resource Page for valuable documents related to ice rink design and construction.

Everything Ice collaborates with architects, mechanical engineers, and general contractors, providing guidance and support across all facets of ice rink construction and design, guaranteeing the delivery of a high-quality project.

Area of expertise

  • Ice rink design and construction, Ice rink dasherboards
  • From recreational and training rinks to competitive rinks at community and fieldhouse rinks
  • Portable outdoor rinks and permanent indoor rinks

Ice rink solutions

  • Permanent Ice Rinks: For permanent ice rink installations, Everything Ice provides a complete turnkey service, from designing and engineering the rink to constructing and installing it. They utilize high-quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure that their rinks are durable, energy-efficient, and meet the highest standards of safety.
  • Portable Ice Rinks: For those seeking a more flexible and temporary solution, Everything Ice offers a range of portable ice rinks. These rinks are ideal for events, festivals, and corporate gatherings, providing a fun and engaging activity for participants of all ages.

Memberships & Awards

  • NEISMA Membership
  • Ice Skating Institute Membership
  • OREA Membership
  • Governor’s Small Business Exporter of the Year 1994
  • Governor’s Honorable Mention Award 1995
  • STAR
  • ORFA
ice skating rink companies

Ice Builders

Ice Builders, boasting a cumulative experience of over a century, stands as a highly accomplished global entity in the fields of ice rink engineering, construction, and renovation. The company enjoys a stellar reputation in the industry, recognized for their robust engineering capabilities, precise installations, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch service. Whether contemplating the creation of a new rink or refurbishing an existing facility, prospective clients are encouraged to reach out to Ice Builders, a dedicated team poised to elevate any rink project to new heights.

Area of expertise

  • Ice rink design and construction
  • NHL Practice & Professional Rinks, NCAA Collegiate Hockey Rinks, Community Ice Rinks, Skating Paths and Specialty Rinks, Curling Club Rinks, Outdoor Rinks

Ice rink solutions

  • Collegiate Rinks: Ice Builders offers extensive experience in developing collegiate rinks, meeting the diverse expectations of Athletics Departments for various venue sizes.
  • Outdoor Ice Rinks: Skilled in constructing outdoor ice surfaces, they excel in challenging conditions, with successful projects in unique locations like Aspen and Beaver Creek.
  • Urban Skating Paths: They specialize in designing integrated skating paths in urban settings, creating extraordinary experiences against city skyline backdrops.
  • Indoor Arena Rinks: Distinguished in handling major arena projects, Ice Builders is synonymous with proficiency and high-performance standards, making them a prime choice for significant arena endeavors.


  • ASHRAE Standard 64: Icebuilders is certified to design and construct ice rinks according to ASHRAE Standard 64, which is the most widely recognized standard for ice rink construction in the United States.
  • ISO 9001: Icebuilders is certified to ISO 9001, which is an international standard for quality management systems.


  • NAIR (National Association of Ice Rinks)
  • ISU (International Skating Union)
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Rink-Tec International

Rink-Tec International, Inc., known for its expertise as an ice rink contractor, is proficient in servicing various refrigeration systems and adept at identifying the most cost-efficient solutions for both existing rinks and new ice rink constructions. Since its establishment in 1979, Rink-Tec has been at the forefront of designing and building ice rink refrigeration systems. With over 37 years of dedicated experience in the industry, the company has earned its status as an industry expert, widely recognized and sought after from coast to coast, as well as in numerous countries around the world. Rink-Tec takes pride in its well-earned reputation and stands firmly behind the quality of its work and services.

Area of expertise

  • Ice rink contractor and installer
  • Installation, maintenance, refrigeration systems, repair and reduction

Ice rink installation services

  • Installation: A leader in rink floor installations with over 300 projects, Rink-Tec uses advanced equipment and boasts a highly experienced, fusion piping-certified floor crew.
  • Maintenance: Renowned for their expertise, Rink-Tec’s staff efficiently handles any system or requirement, leveraging their extensive industry experience for top-tier maintenance services.
  • Refrigeration Systems: Building custom refrigeration systems in-house, Rink-Tec collaborates closely with industry professionals to deliver certified, high-quality solutions tailored to each project.
  • Repair: Offering 24/7 emergency services, Rink-Tec’s team is equipped to provide immediate, effective solutions to ensure ongoing facility operations.
  • Rink Reduction: Expert in converting Olympic-sized to standard rinks, Rink-Tec efficiently reconstructs rinks, adding new features while saving costs compared to new construction.


Each concrete rink floor and sand rink floor system from Rink-Tec comes with a standard five-year warranty. All refrigeration equipment provided by the company includes a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Rink-Tec has been designing and constructing refrigeration systems since 1979, having completed numerous projects across different countries worldwide.

State Master Refrigeration Licenses

  • Arizona 291338
  • Iowa 13253
  • New Mexico 350763
  • California 960602
  • Maryland 76485
  • North Dakota 29971
  • North Carolina 4691Cl
  • Washington 603113653
  • Ohio 45438
  • Florida 1250446
  • Minnesota 3198-MB
  • Texas TACLA26930R
  • Wyoming 1234
  • Colorado – Pikes Peak 22565

CMH Rink Builders

CMH Rink Builders, headquartered in the Binghamton, NY area, is recognized as a premier company in the United States for building ice rinks. With a history spanning over 30 years in construction, they have earned a reputation for excellence in the design, construction, and maintenance of ice rinks for a diverse clientele. A key area of their expertise lies in creating custom ice rink piping systems tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each client, ensuring the final product not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Area of expertise

  • Ice rink design, installation and restoration company
  • Seasonal / portable rinks for schools and malls, professional ice hockey rinks for high school and collegiate games, training and recreational rinks for community centers and municipalities
  • Ice hockey, figure skating, curling, etc. 

Ice rink installation services

  • Ice Rink Design and Installation:
    • Custom design of ice rinks tailored to client specifications.
    • Complete installation services, encompassing all aspects of rink construction.
  • Ice Rink Restoration:
    • Renovation and refurbishment of existing ice rinks.
    • Updating and modernizing older rinks to current standards.
  • Ice Rink Piping:
    • Specialized in designing and installing custom ice rink piping systems.
    • Focus on efficient and effective cooling systems for optimal ice conditions.

Examples of successful projects

Understanding Different Types of Ice Rink Companies

Ice rink construction in the U.S. has a rich history, marked by continuous advancements in technology. Today, constructing an ice rink goes beyond just laying a sheet of ice; it involves intricate engineering, sustainable practices, and state-of-the-art technology, all of which play a crucial role in nurturing the growth of ice sports.

The industry comprises full-service construction companies that handle projects from conception to completion, specialized suppliers focusing on specific aspects like cooling systems or rink boards, and firms offering maintenance and management services post-construction.

  • Full-Service Ice Rink Construction Companies:
    • Handle entire projects from initial design to completion.
    • Offer comprehensive services including site selection, design, construction, and project management.
    • Ideal for clients seeking a turnkey solution.
  • Specialized Ice Rink Suppliers:
    • Focus on specific components of ice rink construction such as cooling systems, rink boards, or lighting.
    • Provide specialized expertise and products tailored to the unique demands of ice rink facilities.
    • Often collaborate with full-service companies or serve as contractors for specific project elements.
  • Ice Rink Maintenance and Management Firms:
    • Offer post-construction services to ensure the long-term operation and upkeep of ice rinks.
    • Services can include routine maintenance, repairs, and operational management.
    • Essential for the ongoing quality and safety of the facility.

Key Considerations in Choosing an Ice Rink Construction Company

When selecting a company for ice rink construction, several factors should be considered:

  • References provide a window into the company’s past projects, offering insights into their outcomes and client satisfaction. Evaluating a company’s references is instrumental in gauging their reliability and the consistent quality of their work.
  • Certifications, such as LEED, signify professional recognition and a commitment to industry standards, particularly in sustainable building practices. They act as a benchmark for quality and expertise.  
  • Quality of construction and materials reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, ensuring a longer lifespan for the facility.
  • Advanced technology ensures optimal ice conditions, essential for the safety and performance of athletes.
  • Sustainability practices such as energy-efficient design and renewable energy sources, reduce operational costs and the environmental footprint of the facility
  • Safety standards and regulations: Compliance with local building codes and safety regulations prevents legal issues and ensures the facility meets operational standards.

Funding Tips for Ice Rink Construction

Obtaining financing for building an ice rink is a complex process that includes various sources. This includes public funds from governmental bodies, private contributions from companies or personal investors, and joint ventures between different parties such as local enterprises and sports groups.

For research and guidance, organizations like the U.S. Ice Rink Association, U.S.A. Hockey, and U.S. Figure Skating are excellent starting points.

Additionally, identifying and applying for grants, which are non-repayable funds provided by governments or foundations, is a key strategy. Each of these funding sources offers unique benefits and challenges, making a comprehensive and informed approach essential for successful project financing.

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Quality ice rinks can significantly impact local communities and economies. They contribute to the growth of ice sports at various levels and play a pivotal role in making these sports more accessible and inclusive.

The role of ice rink construction companies is integral to the future of ice sports in the U.S. By investing in quality facilities, stakeholders can ensure the growth and sustained popularity of these sports. As we look forward, the commitment to innovation and excellence in ice rink construction will undoubtedly continue to play a vital role in this vibrant sector.

If you are currently planning to install a new ice rink, try our cost calculator to get off to a good start! 

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