Fieldturf: Company Profile

FieldTurf: Company Profile

fieldturf company profile

FieldTurf, a subsidiary of the French Tarkett Group, a global leader in sports flooring, is a renowned brand in the artificial turf industry, recognized for its extensive reach with over 25,000 installations worldwide. Renowned for providing high-performance, safe playing surfaces across a variety of sports including football, soccer, baseball, and rugby, FieldTurf offers durability and value to both athletes and field owners.

In this article, we delve into presenting FieldTurf by exploring its pros and cons to assess its suitability as a supplier for sports facility projects. As a trusted industry name, FieldTurf brings the expertise of its parent company, Tarkett Group, in sports flooring, enhancing its product offerings. Understanding these aspects will help in determining if FieldTurf aligns with the specific needs and goals of your project.

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One-Stop-Shop for Synthetic Turf Fields

FieldTurf offers comprehensive control over every aspect of your field, from the manufacturing of the turf to the installation of the system. This level of oversight ensures a consistent, high-quality end product. Moreover, FieldTurf is known for producing turf fields using proven materials, adhering to the highest quality control standards, which is evident in their ISO certifications. This all-encompassing approach by FieldTurf ensures reliability and excellence in both product and service.

Product Portfolio

FieldTurf’s range of turf systems showcases their innovation and expertise in sports surfacing:

  • CORE System: The Vertex CORE combines FieldTurf’s Classic HD slit-film with CORE monofilament fibers, balancing performance, safety, and aesthetics.
  • Classic HD: Durable and visually appealing, it enhances both safety and the look of turf systems.
  • Revolution 360: Renowned for its complete performance, offering resilience and a natural field feel.
  • Vertex Prime & Prestige Vertex: Both feature specialized slit-film and monofilament fibers for a realistic playing experience, with an aesthetically superior appearance.
  • Prestige XM & XT: Prestige XM focuses on durability with monofilament technology, while Prestige XT combines durability with softness in its slit-film fibers.
  • Vintage Series: Features top-quality slit-film fibers in a soft, dense pile, blending durability with low maintenance.
  • Hockey Turf Systems: Including Hockey Gold and Hockey Speed, these are tailored for field hockey, offering durability and optimal playing characteristics.

Services Offered by Fieldturf


FieldTurf not only designs and manufactures various turf systems but also oversees the installation process. The company collaborates with an extensive network of trained and experienced installation companies across North America, ensuring each FieldTurf system is installed to meet their high standards.


Regarding after-sales service, FieldTurf offers excellent customer service, an integral part of their business model since its inception. They have an experienced customer service department dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction. Regular follow-ups with customers are part of their strategy to ensure ongoing satisfaction. Additionally, FieldTurf offers an 8-year warranty for all its turf systems, underlining their commitment to product reliability.

FieldCleanse Program

This program, aimed at elevating safety and cleanliness standards on artificial turf fields, includes standard maintenance practices such as brushing, airing, raking, and sweeping, with added options for sanitizing the turf. This comprehensive approach emphasizes FieldTurf’s long-standing commitment to artificial turf safety and innovation.

The Pros: Why Fieldturf Is a Good Choice for Your Project

FieldTurf distinguishes itself as a pioneering force in the artificial turf industry since 1994, renowned for its innovation in sports surfaces. It’s recognized for blending cost-effectiveness with long-term financial advantages, even though its initial costs may exceed those of natural grass or the product offering of smaller players in the industry. Safety is a hallmark of FieldTurf’s offerings, as it is known for some of the safest artificial turf systems in the market. Its durability ensures customers receive great value from their investment in long-lasting fields.

Manufacturing excellence is at the core of FieldTurf’s operations, allowing them complete control from start to finish, solidifying their reputation as a trusted brand in the industry. The company leads in innovation, particularly noted for its advanced infill systems and drainage applications. The purchasing experience is streamlined through Smartbuy, making it easier for customers, complemented by a comprehensive FAQ section for all turf-related questions. FieldTurf also offers financing options, enabling clients to realize their dream projects.

With global recognition from International Sports Federations and a strong commitment to sustainability, FieldTurf aligns its operations with both ecological and human-centric values. Its versatility in applications across various sports, from football to baseball, further highlights its adaptability and broad appeal. Overall, FieldTurf ensures a seamless experience from manufacturing to installation, marking its service with consistent quality and innovative solutions.

fieldturf hockey system

The Cons: Why Fieldturf May Not Be the Most Suitable Supplier for Your Project

While FieldTurf is recognized as a leader in the synthetic turf industry, there are considerations to take into account when determining its suitability for specific project requirements and scenarios.

Firstly, it’s important to note that while it offers high-quality products, the initial installation cost can be higher, potentially making it a less economical option compared to other synthetic turf systems in the market. 

Secondly, as a large company, they may face challenges in delivering highly customized solutions for specific project needs, which could be a concern for managers seeking unique features. The organization’s size might also lead to more complex administrative and communication processes compared to the straightforward dealings possible with smaller, nimbler companies.

Additionally, the efficiency and quality of FieldTurf’s local support might vary, especially in regions where the company has a smaller presence. While the company has trained and experienced installers, the absence of local expertise familiar with specific installation requirements in certain areas could pose challenges. This factor is crucial to consider, particularly for projects in less serviced geographical locations.

Successful Fieldturf Installations In the United States

FieldTurf has installed around 6500 artificial grass systems across North America, and the majority of them can be found at high schools, colleges, and municipal facilities.

Additionally, FieldTurf’s quality has garnered attention from high-profile sports teams. A range of NFL, MLS, and NCAA teams choose to play on FieldTurf surfaces, reflecting the brand’s wide acceptance and trust in both amateur and professional sports circles.


  • New England Patriots (NFL)
  • Seattle Seahawks (NFL)
  • Atlanta Falcons (NFL)
  • Detroit Lions (NFL)
  • Atlanta United (MLS)
  • Seattle Sounders (MLS)
  • New England Revolution (MLS)
  • Portland Timbers (MLS)
  • Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS)

NCAA Football Teams

  • Texas Longhorns
  • Oregon Ducks
  • Arizona Wildcats
  • Michigan Wolverines
  • Nebraska Huskers
  • Minnesota Golden Gophers

NCAA Baseball Teams

  • Oregon State Beavers
  • Oregon Ducks
  • Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • Tennessee Volunteers
  • Southern Miss Golden Eagles
  • Air Force Falcons

Programs to Simplify the Purchase

SmartBuy Purchasing Program

FieldTurf has streamlined the turf purchasing process for customers through its SmartBuy Purchasing Program. The program eliminates the need for a costly and time-consuming bid process. They also offer experienced project administrators and on-site construction managers, bringing over 4,000 fields’ worth of experience to ensure successful project completion. The company emphasizes exceptional customer service, standing as a long-term partner throughout the life of the field.

Additionally, FieldTurf’s SmartBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program aligns with multiple National Cooperative Purchasing Agencies, offering customers access to FieldTurf products, running tracks, and tennis/basketball courts at preferential pricing. These cooperatives facilitate turnkey solutions, legal avoidance of the bid process, and access to seasoned professionals in the industry, ensuring that customers can obtain the products they genuinely need with ease and efficiency.

Tarkett Sports Capital

Tarkett Sports Capital offers tailored payment programs for clients to manage the costs of premium sports surface systems effectively. These programs, covering a range of Tarkett Sports brands, provide flexible financing options, including various payment terms that align with clients’ budget requirements. They enable efficient project management, offering inclusive financing that covers all associated costs and maintaining cash flow by not affecting existing bank credit lines. These solutions are designed to suit public, private, and non-profit organizations, with specific programs for municipalities and educational institutions, featuring straightforward application processes, flexible terms, and tax-efficient benefits. This approach ensures clients can efficiently finance their entire sports facility project.

Grant and Funding Programs

We have extensively covered the topic of grant and funding programs for turf field projects. If you are seeking financial assistance for such projects, our detailed articles provide valuable information on the various options available.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive sports facility grant database. This resource allows you to browse and identify relevant grant programs that could support your turf field project.

Certifications and Memberships

Fieldturf holds memberships and certifications that underscore its commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and workplace safety. It is a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, demonstrating its involvement in industry developments. Additionally, the company is ISO 9001 certified, indicating adherence to quality management standards. Its commitment to environmental management is reflected in its ISO 14001 certification. Furthermore, the OHSAS 18001 certification emphasizes its dedication to occupational health and safety. These credentials highlight the company’s focus on maintaining high standards in all aspects of its operations.


FieldTurf, under the Tarkett Group, is acknowledged for its innovation in the artificial turf field sector since 1994, offering high-performance, safe playing surfaces for various sports. With global installations and diverse offerings, it’s a leader in the synthetic turf industry. However, FieldTurf may not suit every project. Its higher initial costs and potential challenges in customization for unique project needs are factors to consider. Also, larger organizations like FieldTurf could have more intricate processes, and their expansive network might lead to variability in local support, especially in lesser-serviced areas.

FieldTurf’s widespread installations, including high schools, colleges, and municipal facilities, and its appeal to professional sports teams like those in the NFL, MLS, and NCAA, showcase its broad market acceptance. The company simplifies the purchasing process through programs like SmartBuy, offering a streamlined experience and cooperative purchasing options for easier access and financing.

Concluding, while FieldTurf’s innovation, global recognition, and comprehensive services position it as a top choice in the industry, its suitability varies based on project-specific factors like budget, customization needs, and local installation capabilities.

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