AstroTurf: Company Profile

AstroTurf: Company Profile

astroturf company profile

AstroTurf, initially known as “ChemGrass,” marks the beginning of the synthetic turf field industry. First installed in the Houston Astrodome over fifty years ago. Gaining its iconic name from this high-profile application, AstroTurf has since undergone substantial evolution. Today, it’s recognized not just for its historical significance but also for its continued advancements in replicating the feel, performance, and safety of natural grass.

The company focuses on revolutionizing the sports and recreation landscape through its cutting-edge, environmentally friendly synthetic turf solutions. The company’s ethos revolves around exceeding performance, durability, and aesthetic expectations. Dedicated to ongoing research and technological innovation, AstroTurf is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and safety, benefiting athletes, facility owners, and communities alike, backed by exemplary customer service.

In this guide, we aim to comprehensively showcase the product and service offerings of AstroTurf, providing a detailed exploration of their advantages and limitations. Our goal is to assist you in determining if AstroTurf is the ideal choice for your turf field project. 

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AstroTurf Product Portfolio

AstroTurf offers a diverse array of synthetic turf systems, each engineered to cater to the specific needs of various sports teams. For instance, football teams can benefit from the player protection and durability offered by the premium 3D Series, while soccer teams might prefer the grass-like playability of the AstroPlay Series. Baseball teams can enjoy the realistic ball bounces provided by the Diamond Series, and field hockey teams often choose the exceptional quality of the Classic Series. Regardless of the sport, AstroTurf has a tailor-made system ready to enhance the playing field.

AstroTurf for Football Fields
  • AstroTurf 3D1 – A 5 star synthetic football turf field with fully integrated components that encourage peak athletic performance at all levels of competition.
  • Innovative fibers for durability, performance, and safety, and an infill that regulates temperature and improves drainage
AstroTurf for Baseball Fields
  • Diamond Series – This baseball field boasts innovative technology for natural playing experiences, with customizable clay and grass-like zones, high-durability nylon in key areas, and specialized fibers for optimal performance.
AstroTurf for Soccer Fields
  • LigaTurf Series – AstroTurf is now the exclusive provider of LigaTurf in the United States. This innovative turf for soccer mimics natural grass by minimizing the spray of infill particles caused by player movement.
AstroTurf for Field Hockey
  • Classic Series – Pioneering the sport of field hockey, AstroTurf’s Classic Series offers a variety of turf options to fit diverse budgets and performance needs.
  • Offers a range of field hockey turf options at competitive prices to suit diverse budget and performance needs.
RootZone 3D Series
  • The 3D Series infuses artificial turf with a texturized RootZone layer that minimizes infill issues, improves shock absorption, and enhances safety for athletes.
  • Well-suited for several sports like soccer, football, field hockey or lacrosse
Rhino Series
  • This synthetic turf field is designed to maximize playing time and performance on sports fields.
Conversion Series
  • As the name suggests, this is the latest version of the famous Magic Carpet system for converting natural grass fields to synthetic turf
astroturf for field hockey

Services Offered by AstroTurf


AstroTurf recognizes that the success of their products depends not just on manufacturing and research but also on expert installation. Therefore, they collaborate with specialized regional installers. These firms, exclusive to AstroTurf and receiving annual best practice training, are meticulously chosen based on their industry expertise, reputation, bonding, licensing, equipment, and strategic coverage. This ensures that AstroTurf’s clients fully benefit from the unique qualities of their athletic turf fields, which often demand specialized installation techniques.


AstroTurf stands out in the industry for its customer-focused approach and transparent warranty policy. The company treats all clients equally, offering a straightforward 8-10 year warranty without complex conditions or hidden clauses. AstroTurf provides a single contact point for quality issues and collaborates with nationwide turf maintenance experts to ensure efficient and prompt service.

AstroAdvantage Field Replacement Program

Replacing a field with AstroTurf involves a thorough base analysis to identify any underlying issues, followed by the removal of the old field. Advanced installation techniques are used for the new field, ensuring optimal safety and performance. After installation, AstroTurf offers comprehensive maintenance plans to prolong the field’s life and maintain its condition. This process ensures a high-quality, durable playing surface.

Why AstroTurf May Be the Most Suitable Solution for Your Project

  • Innovative Designs: Pioneering in the field with 50 years of experience, AstroTurf offers a wide range of sport-specific turf systems emphasizing player protection and long-term durability.
  • Quality Control: Benefits from decades of manufacturing expertise at its continuously operating facility since 1968, using industry-best components and controlling every step of the turf manufacturing process.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Commits to water conservation, chemical-free maintenance, and recycling, highlighting that each field can save up to 20,000,000 gallons of water and repurpose all components at the end of its lifecycle.
  • Industry Stability: As the first artificial turf brand, AstroTurf has a long history of innovation and reliability in synthetic turf technology.
  • Value Proposition: Focuses on long-term cost efficiency, enhanced playability, and unique installation techniques, offering better value over time.
astroturf football field

Why AstroTurf May Not Be the Best Supplier for Your Project

  • Cost: Synthetic turf installation can be expensive compared to natural grass fields, and AstroTurf may not be the most budget-friendly option compared to other suppliers.
  • Customization Challenges: Larger companies with standardized offerings may lack the flexibility to provide tailored solutions, which can be an issue for facility managers with unique requirements.
  • Bureaucratic Overhead: Engaging with major companies can involve complex layers of communication and bureaucracy, which might not be as efficient as the direct and streamlined interaction smaller vendors offer.
  • Local Support Concerns: Despite a broad support network, there could be doubts regarding the promptness and quality of local support from large companies like Musco, especially in areas where their presence isn’t strong.
  • Installation Requirements: The installation of AstroTurf might require specific conditions or expertise. If local installers are not familiar with these requirements, it could lead to challenges in installation.

If you are currently planning to install or replace a synthetic turf field, try our artificial turf field cost calculator to get a cost estimate for your project.

Successful AstroTurf Installations

For many decades, AstroTurf has been a prominent name in the installation of synthetic turf fields, catering to a wide range of competition levels. Their expertise spans from high school fields to collegiate arenas and professional-level stadiums. 

To illustrate AstroTurf’s widespread impact and experience, here are a few examples of their installations.

High School Fields
  • Gull Lake High School, Richland, MI
    • Football field
    • RootZone 3D3, Trionic Blend 52
    • Installed in 2023
  • Shelbyville High School, Shelbyville, TX
    • Baseball field
    • Diamond Series RBI
University Fields
  • University of Washington Husky Ballpark, Seattle, WA
    • Baseball field
    • Diamond Series
    • Installed in 2022
  • Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA
    • Field hockey and Lacrosse field
    • Poligras Platinum

How to Economically Purchase AstroTurf for Your Sports Facility

Cooperative Purchasing Programs 

Purchasing AstroTurf fields through cooperative purchasing programs offers ease, no-cost membership, legal compliance with state requirements, a proven track record with public institutions, and the ability to choose high-quality, trusted products like AstroTurf. This method simplifies the procurement process and ensures a streamlined, legally compliant, and cost-effective approach to acquiring top-tier turf fields. Currently AstroTurf collaborates with the following Co-Ops: Omnia Partners, Sourcewell, Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), Costars, 1 Government Procurement Alliance (1GPA) and California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS). 

AstroTurf Financing

AstroTurf has teamed up with PNC Vendor Finance to offer innovative financial solutions tailored for various organizations, including colleges, universities, and professional sports teams. This partnership enables clients to finance the total cost of AstroTurf installations, including base construction, installation, taxes, and other fees. Notably, this financial arrangement aligns with operating budgets as fixed expenses, avoiding the need for bonds and streamlining the field replacement process, especially when combined with cooperative purchasing contracts.

Grant and Funding Programs

We have extensively covered the topic of grant and funding programs for turf field projects. If you are seeking financial assistance for such projects, our detailed articles provide valuable information on the various options available. 


Additionally, we offer a comprehensive sports facility grant database. This resource allows you to browse and identify relevant grant programs that could support your turf field project.


The company has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification, affirming its adherence to top-tier quality management systems. Moreover, its Construction Managers hold certifications as ASBA Field Builders, which showcases their expertise in sports facility construction and underscores the company’s commitment to excellence in project execution and management.


In concluding this profile on AstroTurf, it’s clear that the company stands as a pioneering force in the synthetic turf field industry. As one of the leading and premium brands, AstroTurf has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of artificial sports surfaces since its inception. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has cemented their status as a key player in this domain.

However, when selecting a turf field supplier, it’s crucial to consider the specific needs and circumstances of your project. While AstroTurf offers high-quality products recognized for their durability and performance, certain situations might call for a more specialized approach. Smaller and more agile suppliers could potentially offer more customized solutions or flexibility that better align with specific project requirements or constraints.

Ultimately, the decision to partner with AstroTurf or another supplier should be informed by a comprehensive evaluation of product offerings, company reputations, specific project needs, and budget considerations. The choice involves weighing the advantages of working with an industry leader against the potential benefits of a more tailored approach from smaller entities in the field.

Still want to compare different brands? Take a look at our guide on the Top Artificial Turf Field Companies in the U.S.

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