Toro Sports Field Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems: Review

Toro Sports Field Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems: Review

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Founded in 1914, The Toro Company has established itself as a key global player in offering innovative sports field irrigation and sprinkler systems for outdoor environments. This includes a diverse array of products and services for natural grass and synthetic turf field maintenance. They also provide advanced irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. 

Toro maintains a robust distribution network encompassing professional distributors, dealers, rental stores, and retailers across more than 125 countries. Their extensive product lineup, encompassing several renowned global brands, caters to a variety of clients including golf courses, professional contractors, underground construction experts, groundskeepers, rental businesses, governmental and educational bodies. Moreover, they serve numerous prestigious sports venues and historical sites worldwide.

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Industry Memberships

Toro is recognized for its commitment to efficient and environmentally friendly irrigation solutions, evidenced by its certification from the Irrigation Association (IA) and its participation in the WaterSense® label program. The Toro Company actively participates in the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA), demonstrating its engagement with the industry and contribution to the advancement of sports turf management practices. Additionally, Toro’s involvement with the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) highlights their expertise and dedication to the sports facilities industry.

toro irrigation and sprinkler systems for sports

Product Portfolio

Toro offers a wide range of products and services for sports field irrigation and turf care, including sprinklers, valves, controllers, and irrigation systems. The company also offers installation, maintenance, and repair services. 


Toro offers a variety of warranty periods for its products, depending on the product and the application. The warranty period for sports turf irrigation products typically ranges from one to five years.

Sports Field Irrigation Systems

Toro’s irrigation products for sports fields can be summarized in the following categories. They encompass a comprehensive range of products that Toro offers to meet the diverse needs of irrigation in sports fields and municipal areas, focusing on efficiency, control, and sustainability.

  • Irrigation Sprays and Field Irrigation Rotors and Sprinklers: These products are designed to provide efficient water distribution for sports fields and municipal landscapes. The sprays and rotors ensure even coverage, which is crucial for maintaining healthy turf in large areas like sports fields. The company also offers sprinklers for cooling and cleaning synthetic turf fields. 
  • Irrigation Central Control Systems: These systems enable centralized management of irrigation activities across multiple fields or areas. They are essential for precise control and monitoring of water usage, ensuring effective irrigation while conserving water.
  • Irrigation Controllers, Sensors, and Remotes: These components work together to manage the timing and amount of irrigation. Controllers set the irrigation schedules, while sensors and remotes monitor environmental conditions and allow for remote adjustments. This integration is key for optimizing water usage and maintaining turf health in sports and municipal settings.
  • Irrigation Sprinkler Valves: These valves are used in fields and municipalities for regulating water flow to the irrigation systems, ensuring efficient and targeted watering.
  • Drip Irrigation: This method is included in Toro’s offerings, providing a more targeted and efficient watering system, particularly useful in certain areas of sports fields or municipal landscapes.
Toro Sports Field Sprinklers
Product Description Radius
T-P2 Series Sprinklers
Versatile for various applications, including synthetic turf cooling and dust suppression.
TS170 Series Rotors
Ideal for synthetic turf fields, installed along the perimeter for cooling and washing down.
TS120 Series Impact Sprinklers
Suitable for both synthetic and natural turf fields, low maintenance with VIH control.
690 Series Rotors
Long-range rotors for various sizes and classes of sports fields.
TS90 Series Rotors
Adaptable to specific field needs with Constant Velocity drive and TruJectory adjustment.
T7 Series Rotors
Durable and dependable, used in professional and collegiate sports fields.
640 Series Rotors
Known for consistent performance over long periods.
Toro RollcarT™
Portable solution for large open turf areas without underground systems.

Toro Golf Course Irrigation

Toro offers a specialized range of irrigation products for golf courses that collectively contribute to the efficient irrigation of golf courses. They focus on precision, control, and sustainability in water management, ensuring that the turf is maintained in optimal condition.

  • Central Irrigation Systems for Golf Courses: These systems provide comprehensive water management solutions, ensuring efficient and precise irrigation across the golf course.
  • Remote Irrigation Field Controllers: These controllers allow for remote management of irrigation, enabling adjustments to be made from anywhere, which is crucial for large sports fields and golf courses.
  • Golf Course Irrigation Heads: Specifically designed for golf courses, these irrigation heads ensure that water is distributed evenly and effectively across the greens and fairways.
  • Golf Irrigation Sprinkler Valves: These valves are integral to controlling the flow and pressure of water in the irrigation system, ensuring that each area of the golf course receives the appropriate amount of water.
Toro Irrigation Control Systems and Accessories
Product Description
Irrigation Control & Monitoring Systems
Advanced systems for efficient water management in single or multiple fields.
Valves, Sprays, & Swing Joints
Includes high-flow valves, nozzles, spray heads, and swing joints for efficient irrigation.

Successful Projects Completed by Toro

1. Toronto Blue Jays Professional Development Complex

  • Location and Facility: Situated in Dunedin, Florida, this 65-acre training complex, used for spring training and minor league operations, includes six full fields and two half fields. The complex is undergoing a significant renovation, including a new 115,000-square-foot facility.
  • Challenges: The complex faced persistent issues with irrigation, primarily due to its reliance on 100% effluent reclaimed water from a small municipal source. This often led to water shortages, especially during drought conditions. The turf superintendent, Patrick Skunda, was particularly concerned about water sources and the efficiency of the watering system itself.
  • Toro’s Solution: Toro’s Sentinel® Central Control system was introduced, along with soil moisture meters and weather stations. This technology allows for sophisticated control based on evapotranspiration rates. A key feature that caught Skunda’s attention was the ability of Toro’s soil moisture meters to monitor salinity levels, a significant challenge in managing turfgrass at the complex.
  • Results and Benefits: The implementation of Toro’s system has streamlined the irrigation process, offering more precise control and better management of resources. The system’s detailed analytics are expected to be beneficial in future water usage reporting and permit applications, demonstrating a commitment to professional standards and efficient water management.

2. Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School (MICDS)

  • Location and Facility: This educational institution in St. Louis, Missouri, spans a 121-acre campus with 11 athletic fields.
  • Initial Installation: The school installed its first Toro Sentinel system in 2004.
  • Challenges: The primary challenge was managing irrigation efficiently across the extensive campus, accommodating different schedules and needs.
  • Toro’s Solution: The campus is equipped with 11 Sentinel Central Control satellites, complemented by Toro’s 640 Series and T5 RapidSet rotors, 252 Series valves, and 570Z Series sprinklers.
  • Ongoing Upgrades: The school is in the process of upgrading to a newer central control system, with a phased approach ensuring smooth transition and functionality.
  • Results and Benefits: The upgrade has been successful, with the new system offering enhanced ease of use and flexibility. One of the most appreciated features is the two-way wireless communication, including radio control, which allows for remote management via handheld devices or smartphones. This flexibility is crucial for the school, which needs to coordinate irrigation around the schedules of over 1,200 students and numerous athletic events.


The Toro Company, with its century-long history and global presence, stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in providing comprehensive solutions for outdoor environments, including sports field irrigation. Their extensive product range demonstrates a deep understanding of the diverse needs in turf and landscape maintenance. 

Toro’s commitment to environmental stewardship, as seen through their certifications and industry memberships, aligns with the growing need for sustainable practices in sports turf management. Their involvement in organizations like the Irrigation Association, the Sports Turf Managers Association, and the American Sports Builders Association highlights their dedication to advancing the field. 

The successful implementation of their systems in prestigious sports venues and historical sites worldwide cements their reputation as a reliable and innovative partner. Whether it’s a professional sports complex or an educational institution, Toro’s tailored solutions, focusing on efficiency, control, and sustainability, make them an ideal partner for any sports-related irrigation project.

If you are currently planning to invest in a sports turf irrigation or sprinkler system, try our cost calculator to get a customized cost estimate for your needs.

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