MejorSet: Company Profile

MejorSet: Company Profile

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MejorSet, established in 2003, is renowned for its expertise in sports construction, specializing in the development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of Padel Courts. The company has a strong focus on metal structures and glassware in Padel, operating both nationally and internationally. Catering to a diverse clientele including clubs, municipalities, hotels, and individuals, MejorSet has a significant international presence with over 80% of sales coming from global markets. Based in Alicante, the company prides itself on its comprehensive manufacturing and logistics infrastructure and employs a team of experts, including engineers and specialized fitters, to ensure top-quality in every aspect of court construction and maintenance.

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MejorSet Product Portfolio

MejorSet offers a variety of padel courts, each designed for specific needs and environments:

  • Full Panoramic: An award-winning court without corners, offering great views for players and spectators, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • FIP Official Court: An exclusive court designed with the International Padel Federation, focusing on visibility and innovative design.
  • Panoramic RC10: A new model for 2023, adding customization options to the Full Panoramic design.
  • V-PRO Classic: Economical, easy to install, and low maintenance, meeting international specifications.
  • X-Treme: Engineered for extreme weather conditions, certified for resistance to strong winds.
  • Portable: A movable version of the Full Panoramic court, suitable for events and temporary setups.
  • Kids: A smaller court designed for children, maintaining the quality features of the adult version.

Services Offered by MejorSet

MejorSet, with over 20 years of experience in sports construction, specializes in the complete process of padel court construction, including design, metalwork, and glasswork. Their expertise extends to advising on the best court types based on local conditions and regulations. The team, proficient in multiple languages, ensures project monitoring, communication, maintenance, and emergency care. They offer comprehensive civil engineering consultancy for sports spaces and work closely with top padel professionals, ensuring a blend of technical and player perspectives in their designs.

Nationwide Coverage

MejorSet is fully equipped to handle nationwide installations of padel courts, thanks to their comprehensive network of distributors. These distributors are not only well-trained but also bring a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that padel courts are installed successfully under any condition.

Prioritizing Players' Needs

MejorSet’s collaboration with Hernán Bebe Auguste, a Padel World Champion, emphasizes the company’s commitment to designing padel courts that prioritize player needs. With a history of involvement in padel since its early days, Auguste highlights MejorSet’s pioneering role in the development of the Full Panoramic model, enhancing the experience for both players and fans. His extensive experience in professional padel, combined with a dedicated team, ensures that MejorSet’s courts offer safety, comfort, and quality, making them a top choice in the field.

Court Provider for International Padel Tournaments

For years, MejorSet has established itself as the official court provider for several prestigious padel tournaments and tours globally. Their expertise and quality in padel court construction have made them a preferred choice for these high-profile sporting events.

  • 2020 – 2024: Official court provider for the International Padel Federation (FIP)
  • 2022 – 2023: Official court provider for the Premier Padel Circuit
  • 2017 – 2019: Official court provider for the World Padel Tour

Successful Projects

MejorSet has a global footprint in padel court installations, successfully completing numerous projects for various clients. Their portfolio includes sports clubs, residential facilities, hotels and resorts worldwide, showcasing their versatility and expertise in delivering high-quality padel courts for a diverse range of settings and needs.

Here are a few examples:

  • 2 x Full Panoramic Padel Courts at Prestige Padel Montreal, Canada
  • 1 x Padel court model Panoramic RC10 installed in a private residence, Sonoma, CA, USA
  • Manufacture and installation of 7 x paddle courts for Robinson Hotels and Resorts


  • Meets International Padel Federation specifications
  • European Certification with EURCODE 2
  • American Certification by Florida Building Code (7th Edition), 2020; ASTM e1300 and American Society of Civil Engineers, 7-16

Contact details

  • Business address: Polígono Industrial i4, 20. Crevillente (Alicante, Spain)
  • Email:
  • Tel.: (+34) 966 374 289

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