Dos and Don’ts for choosing the right tennis court lighting contractor in Florida

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Athletic directors and sports facility owners across Florida face a challenging situation in their tennis court lighting project once they have completed the initial information gathering and budgeting/funding phase. They must choose which sports lighting contractor to go with.

In this article, we list some of the important dos and don’ts when researching and comparing quotes from potential tennis court lighting installation partners.

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DO: Choose LED over legacy metal halide tennis court lighting technology

LED tennis court lighting systems are quickly taking over the market in Florida thanks to their longer lifespan, energy efficiency, lighting quality, and, environmental friendliness.

This is not to say metal halide lighting systems don’t offer good quality illumination, but when one takes into account the fact that they consume on average 50% to 75% more electricity compared to LED technology, are hazardous to the environment and need constant maintenance, the undisputed new champion of the sports lighting industry is LED.

We have written about other benefits that LED sports lighting offers in our separate article.

DON’T: (Necessarily) pick the lowest bidder

Schools and municipalities often work on a tight budget which is why choosing the cheapest option on the table can be very tempting. However, athletic directors and sports facility operators must consider why the lowest bid is as low as it is. Is it because the lighting contractor is new to the market and is pushing down prices? Are they using lower-quality of lighting fixtures?

Tennis court lighting projects are costly which is why getting the installation right the first time should be on top of the priority list in the decision-making process. An inexperienced sports lighting installer might not pay enough attention to each step in the process and the next thing you know, you will have to start the project over. These mistakes can easily result in your project going over budget and being completed behind schedule.

DO: Understand the use case and level of competition at your sports facility

Tennis court lighting standards and requirements in Florida depend largely on the competition level and use case of the sports facility. A community recreational softball field will have lower standards than a college baseball stadium with thousands of spectators and games being broadcast on TV.

When choosing a sports lighting company make sure they understand the lighting requirements for your competition level.

DON’T: Miss out on discounts, rebates, and grants

Thanks to the government, on every level, pushing the transformation to environmentally friendly lighting technology, there are loads of grants and rebates available that can make your upfront investment in your new LED tennis court lighting system less painful. These funding opportunities also apply to LED retrofit projects.

On the hand, it is always a good idea to discuss the quotes you receive from potential lighting contractors and ask for discounts. Florida is full of companies who can install tennis lighting systems, so take advantage of the high competition in the market!

DO: Your due diligence

As mentioned above, choosing the wrong tennis court lighting contractor can have serious implications for your financial situation. It is essential to do your due diligence before making the final decision. Luckily, this can be done quite easily by browsing through the websites of your shortlisted lighting installers! Here are a couple of things to pay attention to:

  • What kind of a warranty do they offer
  • Their experience from similar projects 
  • Do they have relevant certifications?
  • Are the lighting fixtures and equipment from a reliable brand or supplier?
  • Do they offer after-sales services such as maintenance and auditing?

Get a customized cost breakdown for your tennis court lighting project in Florida

We highly recommend you to get an overall understanding of costs and different line items before you start interviewing sports lighting companies in Florida. 

Understanding what goes into the pricing comes in handy when asking questions to potential partners. 

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