TenCate launches a new recycling program in the US for artificial turf fields

Photo: TenCate Grass Americas

To meet the growing demand in the market for circular products, the synthetic turf field manufacturer TenCate launched a new recycling program for end-of-life artificial grass.

For years one of the biggest challenges in the synthetic turf industry has been the removal and recycling of artificial turf so that it can be reused for new turf fields and other valuable products. TenCate will work together with Cyclyx and ExxonMobil who have expertise and resources for feedstock processing and advanced recycling. 

The program will kick off around the country focusing in the first phase on 50 high schools and colleges. Once the first phase is finished, TenCate plans to expand the program across the U.S. 

Synthetic turf fields have many advantages over their natural grass alternatives. Water conservation, less maintenance, no need for pesticides or fertilizers, and significantly lower cost of use per hour/day. 

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the program succeeds and synthetic turf fields become even more sustainable in the future!