Bringing Stadiums to Life: A Showcase of LED Lighting Installations

Bringing Stadiums to Life: A Showcase of LED Lighting Installations

LED lighting technology has become the go-to solution for lighting up sports fields and stadiums on different levels of competition. LED stadium lights not only provide a better quality of illumination at a lower cost, but they also boost fan experience and engagement by enhancing the visual appeal of the stadium with programmable, dynamic light shows.

If you are planning to install a new lighting system or upgrade an existing system to LED, check out these recently installed LED stadium lighting systems for inspiration! 

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1. Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV

The multi-purpose stadium that hosts the Las Vegas Raiders and the University of Nevada college football team (Rebels) is lit up with Ephesus LED sports lighters. The stadium’s lighting system is fully integrated with the stadium’s audio and video systems, allowing for coordinated light, sound, and video effects that enhance the overall fan experience. The lighting system is controlled by a sophisticated computer system that allows for precise control of the lights, including color, intensity, and timing.

2. University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Sanford Stadium at the University of Georgia campus upgraded its stadium lighting system in 2020. They chose Ephesus as their partner. The company installed 432 state-of-the-art LED sports lighting fixtures that can put out more than 16 million colors and can be programmed to dynamic lighting effects and shows before kick-off and during breaks for example. 

3. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

The new LED stadium lighting system at the Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium boosts the atmosphere for the home fans and intimidates the visiting teams. The new LED lighting system was supplied by GeoSport Lighting, a leading sports lighting company from Louisiana. The new lights are highly energy efficient and are designed to provide excellent, uniform illumination for the players on the field while also improving the fan experience with dynamic lighting effects.

4. Central High School, Central, LA

Check out this dynamic lighting show created by the new LED stadium lighting system by GeoSport Lighting. If you are looking to boost fan excitement, engagement, and experience at. your stadium or sports field, you could do a lot worse than installing a modern LED lighting system that can be programmed to do this!

5. Austin FC Stadium, Austin, TX

Austin FC opened its new stadium in 2021 and the fans were bedazzled by the new LED stadium lighting system supplied by Sportsbeams Lighting. The new LED sports lighting fixtures are the only ones on the market that can produce tunable white and full RGB colors all in one fixture throughout the whole venue. The Chromabeams fixtures can also be used to create show-stopping light shows to boost the fan experience even further! 

6. Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

Home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) and the South Florida Bulls (NCAA), Raymond James Stadium recently upgraded its stadium lighting system to LED with the help of the Austin-based Sportsbeams Lighting, Inc. The company provided over 700 Chromabeams LED sports lighters to meet the high lighting requirements of this famous stadium. The lighting fixtures can produce full RGB and tunable white all-in-one luminaire. Super Bowl LV was played at the stadium in 2021 under brand-new, immersive lights. It’s safe to say no one left the stadium without being thoroughly impressed by the dynamic lighting shows.

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