New Synthetic Turf Soccer Fields Are Open to the Public at Mazeppa Park

New Synthetic Turf Soccer Fields Installed by GeoSurfaces Are Open for the Public at Mazeppa Park

Photo: GeoSurfaces

The nationwide artificial turf field construction company GeoSurfaces completed major upgrades to the public Mazeppa Park sports facility in Mooresville, NC. The project was completed in collaboration with Charlotte Independence Soccer Club (CISC) and the Mooresville Travel & Tourism Authority.

Two new synthetic soccer fields were installed and two existing turf fields were resurfaced to improve access to sports and recreation activity in the community. The town is sees the project as sound investment in the future and expects to help attract visitors and grow the sports tourism opportunities in the community. 

Both CISC and the Travel & Tourism Authority helped fund the improvements with the former chipping in $850,000 over the next 10 years and the latter investing $350,000.