Slaton High School Baseball Field Lighting LED Retrofit by AEON LED Lighting

Slaton High School Baseball Field Lighting LED Retrofit by AEON LED Lighting

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Slaton High School in Texas was operating an antiquated metal halide sports lighting system that was carried by wooden lighting poles and did not light the baseball field uniformly. The high school set up a project team and went through a bidding process during which they concluded that AEON LED lighting had the best solution to improve the lighting system at their baseball field. 

The existing lighting system consisted of 34 x 1500W metal halide sports lighters. Thanks to the efficiency of LED technology, the old lighting fixtures could be replaced by 750W AEON LED luminaires resulting in significant energy and cost savings while increasing the lighting levels on the field.

The total wattage of the old system added up to 54,750W and thanks to the LED upgrade the total energy consumption was reduced to 45,000W! Depending on your geographical location and the current price of electricity, that is a considerable discount on your monthly energy bill. Considering also that the new LED lighting system will last up to 100,000 hours and will need essentially no maintenance at all, it’s fair to say that Slaton High School certainly hit a home run by installing AEON LED sports lighters! 

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AEON LED Lighting Product Used

The AEON HL-AS-750WD sports lighting luminaires were chosen for this project as they can replace HID or metal halide sports lighters of up to 2000W. These potent luminaires deliver 105,000 lumens and save up to 63% in energy consumption compared to legacy sports lighters.

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