ACT Global Installs State-of-the-Art Turf Field at Bronco’s Practice Facility

Case Study: GeoSurfaces Elevates LakePoint Sports with Premier Turf Upgrade

Photo credit: ACT Global

If you’re planning to install a turf field and need some inspiration, look no further than the Denver Broncos. This offseason, the Broncos upgraded the turf at their Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse indoor practice facility, a project expertly handled by Act Global.

The new field features Act Global’s Xtreme Turf DX, installed atop a meticulously prepared base of finish grade stone and base course material to ensure proper drainage.

Broncos owner and CEO Greg Penner shared insights about the upgrade: “The previous surface was about 10 years old and originally intended to last around 20 years. However, we’re replacing it with a state-of-the-art artificial turf that offers better padding and advanced materials. This new surface will significantly enhance player performance and safety during practices.”

By upgrading to the latest in turf technology, the Broncos demonstrate a commitment to player well-being and optimal performance. This project exemplifies how investing in quality turf can provide long-term benefits for any sports facility.

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