Laying out the costs of indoor artificial turf sports fields

Laying out the costs of indoor artificial turf sports fields

indoor turf field cost

If all we’re talking about is the field itself, those top few layers of synthetic turf, the infill and cushioning underneath, then indoor turf fields cost about the same per unit area as outdoor fields. For the most part, the turf is the same. The difference in project costs and scope are in everything under and around the field.

Think about it: when you’re building an indoor turf field, you don’t need to worry about drainage because you’re indoors! And, what little damage artificial turf fields suffer from weather conditions will not be an issue for an indoor field.

Similarly, indoor turf fields don’t need security fencing around the perimeter. That’s what the doors are for. They will still need lighting, but the lighting system will not need to be as extensive as outdoors since the walls and ceiling will contain the light. On the other hand, the lighting around an indoor field will need to be on all day, unless there are large windows or skylights.

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Whether you are planning to build an indoor turf field for soccer, baseball, football or field hockey the factors mentioned above will lower the upfront and operational costs. What remains are the field-specific costs.The two main factors are how big is the surface, and what will you be doing with it. 

The underlying structure will need to be sturdier for a floor that will occasionally hold concerts and temporary seating than one that will never have more than 30 players and coaches. The structural demands will also be different for a turf field built on the ground floor of a facility than one built on a higher floor of a multi-level sports complex. For a basic ground-level indoor turf field, the structural costs start around $420,000.

The quality and specificity of the materials used for the playing surface will be the next contributor to the overall price. For example, an artificial turf surface with an EPDM infill, which is popular for football fields, costs about $5 to $8 per square foot.

Indoor turf fields require less upkeep than outdoor fields, simply because they are not exposed to the elements. There will be some, though, and those costs will increase as the amount of playing time on the field increases. An indoor field that’s in use 12 hours a day will need more maintenance than one that’s only open in the evenings. 

Regular maintenance includes basic removal of debris, brushing the fibers and smoothing the infill. The equipment for these tasks is in the $9,000 – $26,500 range. Facilities with multiple turf fields should consider buying their own equipment, while smaller sports complexes may be better off renting or leasing the equipment, or outsourcing maintenance to specialized vendor.

The best way to get a cost estimate for an indoor turf field is to take what you know about your needs and plug them into our cost calculator. We’ll send you a detailed quote, with the information sourced from vendors who provide these services and products.