EcoLite LED: Company Profile

EcoLite LED: Company Profile

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In the expansive world of sports facilities, the role of lighting is paramount. From spotlighting a pivotal football game to highlighting an intense indoor basketball contest, appropriate lighting is essential for setting the ambiance and optimizing performance. Ecolite LED stands out in this sector, offering more than just light. Their commitment to innovation and excellence showcases why Ecolite LED is a leader in the sports lighting industry.

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Mission and Vision

Ecolite’s guiding mission is illuminated by its storied partnerships and legacy. By joining forces with industry stalwarts, including a venerable Asian LED lighting factory with an 85-year lineage, Ecolite’s North American brigade is on an unwavering mission to innovate and elevate LED lighting norms.

EcoLite LED Product Portfolio

Ecolite LED unveils a specialized sports lighting portfolio, expertly crafted to address the unique illumination demands of sports venues, ranging from cozy indoor courts to expansive outdoor arenas.

Interstellar High Mast & Sports Fixture

  • Application: Specifically tailored for sports venues ranging from local leagues to professional competitions, ensuring every play is in the spotlight.
  • Power Output: 100w – 600w
  • Lumens per watt: 130
  • Lumen output: 13,000 – 78,000
  • CRI: 80+
  • CCT: 3000K – 5000K

Super Nova G-IV – Sports Light

  • Application: Engineered exclusively for sports arenas, from basketball courts to football fields, guaranteeing clear visibility for both players and spectators.
  • Power Output: 240w – 1420w
  • Lumens per watt: 153
  • Lumen output: 36,720 – 200,220
  • CRI: 70+
  • CCT: 3000K – 6000K

Arcturus G6 Sports Light Fixture

  • Application: A dedicated fixture for athletic events, ensuring that from the starting whistle to the final buzzer, every move is brilliantly illuminated.
  • Power Output: 300w – 1250w
  • Lumens per watt: 150
  • Lumen output: up to 187,500
  • CRI: 70+
  • CCT: 3000K – 6500K

Polaris High Power Flood Fixture

  • Application: Designed for large-scale sports complexes and stadiums, where powerful illumination is paramount.
  • Power Output: 100w – 1000w
  • Lumens per watt: 150
  • Lumen output: up to 150,000
  • CRI: 80+
  • CCT: 3000K – 5700K

LED Sports Lighting Buyer's Guide

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Certifications and standards

  • Energy Star: Ecolite’s lighting solutions not only adhere to the stringent efficiency standards set by Energy Star but also exceed them. Energy Star, a program recognized for its benchmarks in energy efficiency, sets specific criteria that products must meet to earn its certification.
  • EcoLite’s team boasts over 20 years of combined energy management expertise and holds professional certifications such as CEA, CEM, and CEP, ensuring they provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Ecolite LED Warranty

The confidence Ecolite has in its products is evident in its 10-year non-prorated product warranty, a testament to the longevity and performance they promise.

Financing Solutions

Acknowledging the budgetary considerations of many establishments, Ecolite introduces financing options for its LED projects. This ensures that the monthly expenses are often offset by the savings accrued from the LED installations.

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Technological Edge

At its essence, Ecolite thrives on innovation. Their avant-garde LED technology not only curtails energy consumption but also stands as a beacon of environmental conservation.

Unique Selling Points

  • Assured Returns: The “Insured Guaranteed Savings” program by Ecolite is revolutionary. It’s a commitment to not just savings, but guaranteed returns, bolstered by an insurance policy from a renowned global underwriter.
  • Research Excellence: Beyond its role as a lighting supplier, Ecolite’s dedication to research and development sets it apart, reinforcing its position as a genuine luminary in the field.
  • Flexible Financing: With enticing interest rates, minimal upfront costs, and bespoke terms for non-profit entities and government agencies, Ecolite’s financing avenues are tailored for client convenience.
  • Ecolite LED collaborates with esteemed lighting solution manufacturers to procure its sports lighting technology and infrastructure. This partnership guarantees that clients benefit from premium products, further enhanced by Ecolite LED’s specialized expertise and service.

Kick Off Your LED Sports Lighting Project

We’ve created a comprehensive set of tools designed to assist facility managers and project planners in initiating their projects and connect them with the professionals in the industry.


In the world of athletic lighting, Ecolite LED emerges as a leading choice. With its blend of factory-direct pricing and unwavering quality commitment, the company invites venues to elevate their lighting experience. Ecolite LED champions perfection in illumination. By harmonizing innovation, dedication, and a focus on client needs, they’re not just meeting industry standards; they’re surpassing them.

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