Guide to Tennis Court Construction and Resurfacing in Florida

Guide to Tennis Court Construction and Resurfacing in Florida

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Florida’s tennis culture thrives, reflecting the state’s deep passion for the sport. The intricacies of tennis court construction and resurfacing in Florida are molded by the region’s unique demands, weather conditions, and player preferences. It’s imperative to grasp these local nuances to develop facilities that align with professional standards while catering to the community’s requirements.

For individuals overseeing sports facilities, such as athletic directors, facility operators, municipal planners, and sports organization leaders, navigating the intricacies of tennis court projects in Florida demands a nuanced approach. This comprehensive guide delves into the essential facets of such undertakings within the Sunshine State. It covers the distinctive regulatory landscape, the profound influence of Florida’s climate, and specific cost considerations. Beyond the technical aspects like surface selection and contractor decisions, the guide extends its focus to broader considerations. These encompass securing funding, and seamlessly integrating these projects into the community fabric.

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Cost Considerations for Tennis Court Construction in Florida

In Florida, various factors affect tennis court construction and resurfacing costs. Labor costs, influenced by the state’s economic climate and demand for skilled workers, are moderately higher than in rural states but not as high as in major urban centers. Specialized materials, needed to withstand humidity and heat, can increase material costs compared to states with milder climates. Transportation expenses depend on material availability and import needs. Stringent building codes in hurricane-prone areas may raise regulatory costs. Additionally, Florida’s humid climate requires more frequent maintenance, impacting long-term upkeep expenses.

Considering these factors, Florida generally falls in the mid to high range of the cost scale for tennis court construction and maintenance when compared to other regions in the U.S. This reflects the combined impact of its labor market, material needs, logistical considerations, regulatory environment, and maintenance requirements. For project owners, understanding this nuanced cost landscape is key to effective planning and budgeting.

On average, building a new tennis court in Florida costs between $25,000 and $155,000, depending on various factors. Resurfacing an existing tennis court is less expensive, typically ranging from $3,000 to $15,000.

Estimating costs for a tennis court project in Florida involves numerous factors. Simplify this process with our easy-to-use tennis court cost calculator, designed to provide a customized estimate for your specific project. Give it a try for a clear cost breakdown!

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Choosing the Ideal Tennis Court Construction & Resurfacing Company in Florida

Selecting the right tennis court construction company in Florida makes a significant difference in addressing the unique climatic challenges the state presents:

  • Material Durability in Humidity and Heat: Expertise in material selection, like durable post-tensioned concrete, is crucial for withstanding Florida’s humidity and heat, ensuring a longer-lasting court surface.
  • Drainage Considerations: Reputable companies excel in designing and installing effective drainage systems tailored to Florida’s rainfall patterns, swiftly removing water to minimize gameplay disruptions.
  • Resistance to Sun Damage: Knowledgeable firms prioritize UV-resistant coatings to shield the court from sun damage, preserving its appeal and playability in Florida’s intense sun.
  • Wind and Storm Resistance: Experienced builders in Florida prioritize court designs that withstand high winds and storms, integrating resilient fencing, lighting, and wind screens for player safety and court integrity during adverse weather.
  • Certifications: In Florida, professional and trustworthy tennis court construction companies typically hold relevant certifications and memberships within the industry, such as: 
    • American Sports Builders Association Membership (ASBA)
    • ASBA Certified Court Builder Certification
    • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) License

Top Tennis Court Construction and Resurfacing Companies in Florida

Mor Sports Group

Mor Sports Group, your trusted partner in sports construction, is dedicated to enhancing your facility with top-tier tennis court construction services, specifically tailored for Florida. Whether you’re a school, sports club, or private entity seeking to add a tennis court to your Florida premises, we understand the unique demands of the game and the importance of a quality playing surface in the Sunshine State. Our expert team brings years of experience, unwavering commitment to excellence, and a passion for the sport to every project in Florida.

Services Offered
  • Tennis court design, installation, resurfacing
  • Acrylic surfaces, synthetic turf, and cushioned and padded surfaces
  • For all competition levels
Mor Sports Group’s expertise spans the entire project spectrum, from initial planning to surface installation, with a steadfast commitment to quality and a team of highly skilled craftsmen. The company utilizes advanced management software systems to ensure that the work adheres to the agreed specifications, ultimately aiming for total client satisfaction.
Certifications & Memberships

Mor Sports Group is a fully licensed Certified Building Contractor in Florida, focusing on the construction of professional sports facilities. 


PTCS – Professional Tennis Court Services

Located in Palm Beach County, Professional Tennis Court Services has a track record of installing and resurfacing numerous tennis and pickleball courts in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Jupiter, and throughout Southeast Florida. They collaborate with a wide range of clients, including prestigious organizations and residential communities, recognizing that every athlete requires a quality playing surface. Their commitment to swift service, top-notch products, and competitive pricing sets them apart from the competition.

Services Offered
  • Tennis court construction, resurfacing, and maintenance
  • Asphalt and clay tennis courts
  • For all competition levels
  • Licensed and insured court builder in Florida
  • Certified SportMaster and Har-Tru court builder
tennis court resurfacing florida

Sport Surfaces

Sport Surfaces, the premier tennis court construction company, boasts a team of specialized tennis court contractors with over 150 years of combined experience. They are known for their top-notch services in tennis court construction and have earned a reputation as one of Florida’s top-rated licensed tennis court construction companies. Their years of research have led to the development of proprietary techniques specific to tennis court construction, and they utilize advanced laser technology to provide industry-leading products and supplies. 

Services Offered
  • Tennis court construction, resurfacing, and maintenance
  • Asphalt, concrete, synthetic and clay tennis courts
  • For all competition levels
  • Licensed and insured court builder in Florida


Court Surfaces

Court Surfaces is an experienced company that offers construction and repair services for tennis courts. They work with individuals as well as contractors, agencies, and municipalities, providing assistance in project planning and budgeting. With highly skilled foremen and crews with over 20 years of experience, they ensure compliance with specifications and project schedules. Court Surfaces is known for its reliability and commitment to delivering high-quality projects.

Services Offered
  • Tennis court construction, resurfacing, and maintenance
  • Asphalt, concrete, synthetic and clay tennis courts
  • For all competition levels
Successful Projects

Here are some of the recent projects Court Surfaces has completed in Florida:

  • City of Jacksonville Beach – Tennis court resurfacing
  • Clay County School Board – Tennis court resurfacing
  • University of Florida – Tennis court resurfacing
  • Member of the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA)
  • Licensed and insured court builder in Florida

Navigating Florida's Regulations and Permits

In Florida, tennis court construction and resurfacing projects are subject to a variety of regulations, permits, and building codes that can vary significantly across the state. This complexity arises from the diverse jurisdictions within Florida, each with its own set of rules and enforcement policies.

  • State-Level Regulations: At the state level, there are general guidelines that govern the construction of sports facilities, including tennis courts. These might include statewide environmental regulations, safety standards, and basic construction codes.
  • Local Building Codes and Permits: Moving to the local level, counties and cities in Florida often have additional building codes that are more specific. For example, coastal areas might have stricter codes concerning flood resistance and environmental impact, while urban areas might focus more on space utilization and accessibility.
  • Permitting Process: The process of obtaining permits can also vary. In some regions, it might be straightforward, while in others, it could involve multiple steps, including inspections, public hearings, or reviews by local planning commissions.
  • Special Considerations: Certain areas in Florida might have special considerations due to environmental concerns, historical preservation, or specific community standards. For instance, projects in historic districts or ecologically sensitive areas might face additional scrutiny and requirements.
  • Zoning Laws: Zoning laws play a crucial role as well. They determine what can be built and where, impacting the location and design of new tennis courts or the feasibility of resurfacing existing ones.
Read more about building codes and permits for tennis facilities in our local-level guides:

Suitable Tennis Court Surfaces in Florida

Choosing the right surface is critical for any tennis court, more so in Florida. We will discuss the pros and cons of different surfaces like hard, clay, and grass, tailored for Florida’s environment and play styles.

Hard Courts 

In Florida, post-tensioned concrete courts are a popular choice for hard court surfaces due to their durability and resistance to the state’s humid climate. These courts, reinforced with tensioned steel cables, are less prone to cracking and withstand temperature fluctuations better than traditional concrete or asphalt courts. Their ability to maintain structural integrity in Florida’s weather conditions makes them an ideal choice for tennis court projects in the region.

Clay Courts

Clay courts, traditionally made from crushed stone, brick, or shale, are softer and slower, reducing the stress on players’ joints. They are excellent for a variety of playing styles, favoring baseline players. In Florida, clay courts can be challenging to maintain due to the humidity, as they require regular watering and rolling to keep the surface playable. They also demand more frequent maintenance to manage moisture and prevent mold growth.

Grass Courts

While less common in Florida, grass courts offer a fast game with a low bounce, favoring serve-and-volley players. They are the softest surface, which can be easier on the body. However, grass courts are high maintenance, especially in Florida’s climate. They require regular mowing, watering, and need to be closed periodically to recover. The humid conditions can also make the grass more susceptible to disease.

Funding Opportunities in Florida

USTA Facility Assistance Program: This program by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) helps communities build, refurbish, and expand tennis courts. Read more in our separate article about tennis court grants.

National Park Service Land and Water Conservation Fund: This federal program provides grants to states and local governments for acquiring land for outdoor recreation, including tennis courts. Information and eligibility requirements can be found here: 

Florida-Specific Grants:

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Recreation Grants: This program offers grants for the development and improvement of outdoor recreational facilities, which could include tennis courts. Find out more here:
  • Florida Community Development Block Grant (CDBG): This federal program allows states to distribute funds to communities for various projects, including recreational facilities. Contact your local government agency for details:

Maximizing Tennis Facility Success in Florida

Creating a thriving tennis facility in Florida involves several key strategies:

  • Versatile Appeal: Create courts that accommodate various sports and community events to keep the facility lively.
  • Community Engagement: Collaborate with local schools, clubs and organizations, offer diverse programs, and engage people of all ages to foster community involvement.
  • Easy Access: Ensure convenient access and ADA compliance to cater to everyone in the community.
  • Exciting Events: Organize tournaments, social gatherings, and events to spark enthusiasm and community participation.
  • Local Partnerships: Form partnerships with local businesses for sponsorships and facility improvements.
  • Effective Promotion: Use local online and offline channels to spread the word and boost participation.

Accessibility and Inclusivity Standards

Creating accessible and inclusive tennis facilities in Florida is crucial. It involves adhering to ADA guidelines, implementing universal design principles, providing multilingual support, engaging with the community, offering inclusive programs, training staff, conducting regular assessments, and continuously improving. These efforts ensure that tennis facilities in Florida are welcoming and accommodating to people of all ages and abilities, aligning with the state’s diverse community spirit.


In closing, constructing and resurfacing tennis courts in Florida is indeed a significant undertaking, but it’s one that holds immense potential for enhancing your community’s quality of life. With careful planning, a thorough understanding of local conditions, and a dedication to delivering excellence, you are poised to create tennis facilities that not only meet the highest standards but also become integral parts of the Florida landscape. Your commitment to serving your community through tennis is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Sunshine State, where sports and community thrive in harmony.

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