Manza Sport: Company Profile

Manza Sport: Company Profile

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Manza Sport, with a 15-year history, specializes in padel sport, focusing on its popularization. The company has diversified into four main areas: manufacturing and installing padel courts (with options for both solid and glass walls), comprehensive sports management and consulting, training (in collaboration with the Valencia Federation for Padel Monitor Training Courses), and international expansion, with facilities in various countries. Manzasport emphasizes quality, trust, and innovation in design and manufacturing, offering customized padel courts and complete turnkey project management.

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Manza Sport Product Portfolio

Manzasport’s range of padel courts includes Glass Padel Courts, known for their transparent, modern walls that enhance play and aesthetics; Solid Wall Padel Courts, offering a traditional and durable option suitable for various environments; and Customized Padel Courts, tailored to individual client specifications with a wide range of personalization options in materials, design, and features. All models comply with the NIDE 2004 sports facility regulations, catering to diverse needs and preferences in padel court design.

Manza Sport Padel Courts

Manzasport’s range of paddle courts is diverse and innovative:

  • Paquito Navarro Plus: A hybrid of frame and pillar models with reinforcement at the frame union.
  • Paquito Navarro Gold: Designed for demanding players, featuring a bicolor design and panoramic views for an enhanced spectator experience.
  • Pro Court: A frame-based model, ideal for clubs seeking top-quality facilities with easy installation and relocation options.
  • Pro Panoramic Court: Offers excellent spectator views, with wide glass panels and no obstructive pillars.
  • Premium Panoramic Court: A unique, open court design without blind spots, usually featuring patented lighting systems.
  • Customized Court: Tailored to specific requirements, offering flexibility in design and structure.

For more detailed information, please visit Manzasport’s website.

Services offered by Manza Sport

ManzaSport specializes in padel court manufacturing and installation, offering a comprehensive array of services for sports facilities. They provide custom design and manufacturing of padel courts, complete civil construction for sports clubs, and expert advisory for efficient club setup. In addition to these, ManzaSport offers maintenance services to ensure optimal condition of sports installations. They also facilitate rental of portable padel courts for various events, handle the management of sports clubs, and offer an express glass replacement service for padel courts, ensuring swift repairs within 24 hours. Additionally, ManzaSport is involved in the organization and management of sports events.

Successful Projects

Manza Sport Courts at Competitive Padel Events

  • 2018, Challenger World Padel Tour, Madrid – Central Padel court
  • 2017, Miami World Padel Tour – Official Padel Court
  • 2017, Challenger Tour, Pilar de la Horadada – Official Padel Court

Esprit Padel, Lyon, France

In 2018, Manzasport, a manufacturer and installer of padel courts, expanded their global presence by installing seven padel courts at Esprit Padel in Saint Priest, Lyon, France. This project included four of their Model Pro courts and three Model Panoramic Pro courts. These courts featured a black structure, yellow lighting posts, blue STX Super Court Mondo turf, and white silica sand. The courts were equipped with 10mm tempered glass for the Model Pro and 12mm for the Model Panoramic Pro, illuminated by 8 200W LED spotlights each.

Sportmania, Dubai, UAE

In 2017, Manzasport completed a project for Sportmania in Dubai, UAE, where they installed four new panoramic premium padel courts. This addition brought the total number of padel courts installed by Manzasport in Dubai to ten. The courts at Sportmania, which already featured facilities like tennis courts and a gym, were designed with a white structure, two courts with blue turf, and two with tile-colored turf from Mondo. Each court was equipped with 12 mm tempered glass and 8 spotlights for lighting.

200 x 100 padel, Madrid, Spain

In 2013, Manzasport completed a project for the 200 x 100 Pádel Club in Collado Villalba, Madrid, Spain. The club features four Manzasport padel courts, including three Model Pro courts with white structure and blue monofilament turf, and one Panorámica Pro model as the central court. The courts have been used for training sessions by professional players. The club also offers a range of facilities, including a café, a sports shop, and hosts regular competitions, leagues, and tournaments.


Manza Sport’s padel courts are built to conform with the standards of the Spanish and International Padel Federations. Following the NIDE 2004 regulations for sports facilities, they are designed to cater to the growing need for premium quality padel facilities.

Contact details

  • Business address: Camino de la Garrofera s/n 46250 Montortal (Valencia)
  • Email:
  • Tel.: (+34) 963 217 472

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