Gill Athletics launches Continuum C5 Hurdle with an innovative step button

Gill Athletics continues to innovate and improve upon several years of success with the C4 hurdle by launching the new Continuum C5 hurdle with an innovative and revolutionary step button for easy height adjustability. The company has long planned to develop such a hurdle, which for a long time proved challenging to turn into reality due to durability issues. Thanks to the lessons learned with the C4 hurdle and intensive impact testing, the team reached the durability level needed for heavy use on and off the track.

Interview with Motz Group about running track cleaning best practises

Interview with Nick Maynard (Motz Group) about running track cleaning best practices We sat down with the running track cleaning in-house expert, Nick Maynard, from the Motz Group to ask him a few questions about the best practices regarding athletic track cleaning and maintenance.  Sports Venue Calculator (SVC): Hello, Nick. Thanks for sitting down with […]