Study: Artificial turf field safety and playability characteristics

STUDY: Safety and playability of different types of synthetic turf

Since the first Astroturf field was installed at the Houston Astrodome in 1966 there have been various studies conducted to test the safety and playability of different types of synthetic turf fields. 

PennState conducted its own study in which it tested various types of turf fields. Leading synthetic turf companies were invited to install their turf systems at the test site to evaluate the playing surface quality over time.  

Each turf system went through two years of testing that included over 180 games of simulated traffic and Gmax testing. 

The conclusion after two years of usage is that turf systems with infill are softer, less abrasive and generally exhibit better traction qualities than a traditional artificial turf system. 

Some important insights for athletic directors and sports clubs: 

  1. Brooming the field on a weekly basis is essential
  2. Grooming or loosening of the infill granules needs to be done once or twice per year
  3. A sprinkler/irrigation system is recommended to control the temperature of the playing surface

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