Shinetoo Lighting Becomes the Official Outdoor Lighting Partner of the ITA

Shinetoo Lighting Becomes the Official Outdoor Lighting Partner of the ITA

The partnership between the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) and Shinetoo Lighting marks a significant step in enhancing outdoor sports facilities. Shinetoo Lighting, established in 2008, brings a wealth of experience and a strong reputation in outdoor LED lighting to this collaboration. Known for their affordable, high-quality solutions, Shinetoo’s global reach extends to over 50 countries, and their products are a common sight in tennis and pickleball courts worldwide. 

“Shinetoo Lighting provides an incredible quality of light,” said ITA CEO Dr. Timothy Russell. “We believe that college tennis programs will find these extraordinary lights the absolute best from a player perspective and encourage colleges and universities looking for a new outdoor lights to contact Shinetoo.”

This partnership underscores the commitment to improving the quality and atmosphere of collegiate tennis facilities, offering advanced lighting solutions that enhance both player performance and spectator experience. 

“The thought that “all LED tennis lights are the same” could not be further from the truth…so we’re proud to be recognized and distinguished by the ITA as a leader in LED Tennis (Outdoor) Lighting,” stated Shinetoo Operations Manager, David Lord. “In association with the ITA, Shinetoo Sports Lighting is focused and passionate about raising the bar of LED lighting at colligate facilities throughout the country. If you’re interested in LED lighting, please contact our team – who’s ready to provide professional planning and design counsel to ensure success that your project will meet the ITA’s expectations in quality and lighting standards!”

Shinetoo’s association with JMC Lighting, a previous partner of the ITA, and their experience in lighting installations at prominent tennis centers like the Biszantz Family Tennis Center, further solidify their expertise in this field.

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