Case Study: CUNY York College Partners with A-Turf for State-of-the-Art Sports Facility

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Photo credit: A-Turf

The Project

Founded in 1847, the City University of New York (CUNY) stands as the United States’ first free public institution of higher education and the largest urban public university. Spanning 25 colleges across New York City’s boroughs, CUNY serves over 225,000 students. In January 2024, CUNY York College introduced a significant enhancement for its undergraduates and the local community in Jamaica, N.Y., with the unveiling of a new soccer and track and field complex. This facility boasts a 120,000-square-foot A-Turf® Titan S-50 soccer field, making it the largest playing field in Queens and the only soccer-specific field in this highly diverse county.

The Solution

The development of the York College soccer field was a collaborative effort with A-Turf and N.Y.-based general contractor, Fidelis Contracting. Initiating discussions in 2016 with former CUNY Athletic Commissioner, Zak Ivkovic, the project aimed to renovate the previously condemned soccer field and running track. The collaboration expanded to include Langan Engineering, establishing high standards for the synthetic turf system. Ultimately, A-Turf’s Titan S-50 system was chosen for its industry-leading aesthetics, durability, and performance, combining monofilament and Slit film fibers for a robust, plush, and natural-looking surface.

The Result

Despite construction delays that shifted the project timeline from August to December 2023, A-Turf and its partners successfully navigated these challenges. Strategic planning and relentless communication allowed the project to proceed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, culminating in a timely completion in the first week of January 2024. This new sports complex not only transformed York College Athletics but also became a pivotal community resource in southeast Queens, serving families, community groups, and local sports teams. The field’s unique attributes and the project’s community-focused approach have established it as a beacon of hope and revitalization for the Jamaica-Queens area.

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