Linoleum floors for sports halls

linoleum flooring

Linoleum sports flooring is a cost-effective way to equip your sports center with a versatile floor covering. Many sports centers use this surface due to the favorable price and numerous design possibilities. 

Installing a linoleum sports floor is possible on all common substructures. Linoleum is not very vulnerable to loads such as dolleys, utility carts or heavy sports equipment. This makes it ideally suited for multifunctional use in multi-purpose halls. 

All indoor sports – basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, dance, indoor field hockey, roller hockey – can be played on sport linoleum.

Linoleum sports flooring: Advantages at a glance

  • Linoleum floors are  hard-wearing and extremely durable
  • Floor is antistatic and anti-slip
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Not very sensitive to frictional heat
  • Can be equipped with underfloor heating

Costs for the installation of a linoleum gymnasium floor

The price per square foot of linoleum sports flooring ranges from $3,20 to $5,20. The cost varies depending on the product quality and manufacturer. There are additional costs for the installation, the substructure and the field marking. The individual line items related to the installation of a sports hall floor can be calculated in detail using the Indoor Sports Floor cost calculator. Sports linoleum compares well with other indoor sports floors, such as parquet or PVC, given its low  price and high robustness.

The price of gymnasium flooring is an important criterion in the decision-making process. However, before reaching that stage, the intended use patterns of the sports center should be determined and the floor covering selected with that in mind.

Suppliers of linoleum sports flooring

There are many suppliers of linoleum sports flooring. Most have adapted their product range for common sports and offer the systems in different thicknesses and color designs. The marbled structure is typical of this surface and can be found across manufacturers.

Care of linoleum sports flooring

A linoleum sports floor covering is easy to maintain and can be treated with common sports floor cleaning agents. Especially in multi-purpose halls and heavily-used sports facilities, a PUR sealant should be applied to the linoleum sports floor. This increases the durability of the  floor and extends its service life. 

The cost of cleaning varies depending on the area of the floor surface and the necessary maintenance measures. If the cleaning is carried out by a specialist company, the costs for a medium-sized gymnasiuml (approx. 27,000 sf) amount to approximately $7,200. This includes the basic cleaning of the floor as well as intensive periodic maintenance with the appropriate cleaning equipment.

What does the installation of a linoleum sports floor cost? Calculate the individual costs for your sports hall by entering the area in square foot: Indoor Sports Floor Cost Calculator